Test: Will the TV Module

A convenient accessory turns the top of NAVIGON models to a Pocket tv. It turned out to be easier said than done to find a sufficiently strong signal.

Tv module for Navigon 8410, 8450 suits and plugged into a usb connector on the side of the Navigator. With the module mounted device becomes almost three centimeters wider and there is a small telescopic antenna that sticks out on this page. Installation couldn’t be easier – if module pluggats into the receiver becomes available via the TV button in the Navigator main menu.

Tv module is compatible with the free channels in the digital terrestrial network and according to Navigon, it means the tv Navigator “anytime, anywhere”. In practice restricted the use substantially by TV broadcasting signal strength. I tested to make the channel search on a number of different locations. Search results are usually completely empty-the signal is too weak. It is no coincidence that most people use hearty yagi antennas on the roof for television reception. A 20 cm long antenna ribs are simply not enough. On a balcony in Central Gothenburg with a clear view of the Brudaremossens television mast POPs finally channels up. The image quality of the Navigon 5-inch screen is really good and the menu system is clear. It is easy to see the names of programs and channels – the possibilities are the same as in a standard set-top box.

Is there any way to get around the problem with signal strength? A standard table antenna for TV has significantly higher antenna gain, but unfortunately the TV module no standard connector for external antenna. It is possible to detach the telescopic antenna coaxial socket, but is smaller than a standard aerial connector. The handy can surely fix an adapter, but right out of the box works the TV module only on sites with extremely good reception conditions.