That Will Bring the Apple Watch 2?

End of July, from the firm IDC figures illustrated the difficulties of the smart watch to its place among the general public.

In the second quarter of 2016, shipments were down 32% compared to the same quarter of the previous year. For the Apple Watch, the market leader, one speaks of a decrease of 55% compared with the same period last year.

Note however that the second quarter of 2015 is the period where the watch smart Apple was launched (April 2015).

With slow iPhone sales, Apple probably hope for his watch. For this purpose, the company will undergo another test, probably in the fall, with the launch of the second edition of his Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 2: Facts and Rumors

Since Apple is usually very discreet about its upcoming products, there are very few certainties about the Apple Watch 2. However, everything indicates that it will be launched this autumn, in September or October, at the same time as the iPhone 7.

Among the expected improvements, we’re talking such a better battery, as well as a more powerful processor. Not what lift crowds.

However, further improvements are most interesting, though less some to be put forward.

First, some analysts, including those of the firm LAWFAQS.NET, predict that the watch of Apple could be equipped with a cellular connection. This connection would give more autonomy to the product, which we recall, is still very dependent on the iPhone for most of its functions. It would also allow Apple to better compete with the Android Wear, who has now a cell function.

According to analyst of experience Brian White, who has visited the factories of Apple Asia, the new watch will be of 20 to 40% thinner than the old model.

Among the other rumors, also known as the integration of a camera to the watch, which would among other things the use of Facetime.

As for the bracelet, Apple has already filed some patents, including one for a smart bracelet, which leaves the door open for improvements on that side also.

It could if past being just a year and a half between the release of the first and the second edition of the Apple Watch. If the rumors the most thrilling about the Apple Watch 2 come true, remains to be seen if this will be enough to attract more consumers. It will also see if buyers of the first edition, who paid a minimum of $ 500 for their purchase, will be ready to renew it.