The Apple Watch Sells For $350, But Costs Around 84 To Make

On pre-order, this month, the new “smart clock” from Apple sold out in 6 hours, at a price of $350 the cheapest. But how much does it cost to produce the device feel of American company? According to the calculations of a specialized company, four times less than the sale price: $83.70, less than 75 euros, the current conversion rate.

The information comes from Business Wire, which publishes a computer with all the costs of production. The calculations are of IHS, which examined each internal component of the watch, as I did in the past with other Apple accessories. The publication points out that, as a rule, the giant technological products cost to produce between 29 and 38% of the selling price, in this case, the Apple Watch will cost only 24%, which could mean that the American company has managed to increase the profit margin.

Are more good news for the company, this week, announced financial results for the second fiscal quarter surprising, which ended March 28. Tim Cook, Chief Executive of the American company, has reason to smile. While commodity prices have increased, the company gained market share and profits increased by 33% compared with the first quarter of last year. Revenue increased 27 percent, to $58 billion.

There are no known prices of other more expensive models of the “smart clock”, like that done in gold. Nor are there official information about the actual cost of production, because Apple does not disclose this data.