The Best Accessories For The Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The famous “phablet”, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, appears as a very practical and versatile unit in full size. According to survey done by PickTrue, many users like their 5.5 inch screen and have adapted their daily routine for this device without any problems – they use it daily to conversations, but also has the advantage of having a large screen. Today we will show you the most practical Galaxy Note 2 accessories, so you can get the most out of your phablet.

The Best Accessories For The Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Covers and cases
Covers and cases is a necessity, given that they protects the device against accidental scratches and other damage. Samsung offers Galaxy official Note 2 flip covers, but there are also other solutions, such as rubber bumpers, bag covers and cases with the supplied stand.

Galaxy Note 2 Flip Cover
Many smartphone users complaining about Google and Apple phones, since their units no longer supports expansion of memory with Micro SD card rooms. Fortunately offers phones and tablets from Samsung this possibility. Galaxy Note II is no exception and it supports memory cards up to 64 GB. Of course, there is someone who does not need so much memory, and will perform just as well with 16 GB or 32 GB, depending on their use of the phone. But it will be fine to be able to fill your phone with a good content and enjoy it on the phone’s large screen, doesn’t it?

There are different chargers for Samsung phones, but the best of them all are the ones which have USB speakers and HDMI output. This accessory can directly convert your Galaxy Note II into a media center. Be sure to check out our page for some interesting offers.

Bluetooth keyboards
If we put a physical keyboard to the phone, what more can we ask for? Multitasking and a broad spectrum of applications can make Galaxy Note 2 to a practical, small, personal “computer”. If we look at the ability to complement your phone with a keyboard (to enter text fast) and pointing the pen we can do things on a tablet at almost every possible way. We offer Bluetooth keyboards in different sizes, depending on what your preferences are.

High-capacity batteries can be attached to your Note 2 and prolong battery life. We will not say that the device looks nice and elegant out in an external battery case, but if we determine ourselves for this solution, we can enjoy our phablet for hours.