The best applications to edit photos on your Android tablet

Your tablet can definitely use a powerful tool for editing images, anytime, anywhere. The camera is there to take great photos, and with a real app, you can edit them directly and make them even more beautiful. Below is our selection of the three best photo applications.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

If you are already familiar with Photoshop, this application is for you. Photoshop Touch is a downgraded version of the popular program and gives you many of the most important tools. With a few simple steps you can merge images, improve them and share them with your friends.

Another important feature is integration with Adobe Creative Cloud. If you have changed an image on your tablet, you can store it in Creative Cloud, so you can continue to edit it at home in the “real” Photoshop. You can buy Adobe Photoshop Touch for € 7.99 in Play Big. If you do not want to pay for the full version, Adobe also offers a slightly limited version, which is free. It’s called Photoshop Express, and is directed at persons who do not have such great needs.

Snap seed

Snap seed deserves a place in this article, for the app offers a great management of effects and filters. Snap seed is something for you if you are looking for photo editing with a unique user interface. The application works in a very intuitive way, and you can actually start using it immediately. With many options and filters, you can create a work of art out of an image. When you edit and store, the image can easily be shared on your social network. Snap seed is free and available for download in Play Big.


Aviary is an app that looks like on the Snap seed. This tool is also good to edit photos while you’re on the go, with different filters and other tools. Aviary is working on a less intuitive way than Snap seed, but there are several choices when it comes to effects and filters, which can also be downloaded separately in Play Big. Aviary focuses on rapid processing of images, and is thus one of the most complete photo apps for Android.