The Best Cheap Mobile Phone Tariffs Compared

Are if you a particularly favourable mobile plan with top conditions! No matter whether Wenig – or frequent users – we will show you the best rates for your claims.

There are many – with several mobile operators with different conditions at different prices mobile phone tariffs! Not easy at all to keep track and to find the best rate. Therefore, we compare the best mobile phone tariffs for you from our PC World fare product calculators for three types of users.

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Cheap mobile phone tariffs for some users

Find cheap phone and data rates in the comparison
for example, all-net & surf Flex L for only €9.99 per month

Who mainly to uses his cell phone to be accessible and only now and again on the phone or occasionally SURFs in the Internet, for the minute packages with low data volume are suitable. Around 500 MB per month and a contingent’s range of inclusive minutes and SMS. Phone calls, pay usually about 9 cents per minute and SMS. Also a tariff with less maturity ranges here, a contract for at least 24 months is not always necessary.

Cheap mobile phone tariffs for normal and frequent users

The classic smartphone users on the phone much more and is mainly mobile on the Internet. This type of user needs at least 1 GB data volume or more unrestricted videos to stream or to use its social media. LTE is not required but good to have. We advise to an AllNet Flatrate in the SMS does not necessarily need to be considered.

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The frequent users, however, requires at least 3 GB high speed Internet with LTE and flat rates for phone calls and texting. Partly, the tariffs here go hand in hand with those of normal users who should access due to the low price difference to the better equipped collective.

Cheap mobile phone tariffs for frequent users incl. premium-Smartphone

Unlimited surfing, calls and text with an AllNet flat including SMS-flat and at least 3 GB data allowance included in the fast LTE.

Because this type of user also needs a fast and strong Smartphone, we have 5 additional tariff tips including a Samsung Galaxy S7 put together. In the PC World calculator, you can choose of course more smartphones and compare the corresponding mobile phone tariffs.

Caution: data automatic!

Some tariffs of the major providers, but also by resellers, there is an enabled “data automatic” in the use of the data. This Bay you automatically new traffic, if you have exhausted your own, and put it in the Bill. You can get activated up to three of these additional packages within one month. If you do not want that, let disable it directly on contract commencement of the service hotline or by the employee in the provider-shop.

Tips for choosing a network operator

Alternatively you can in our Tarifrecher with different para Matern independently experiment and search for individual tariff requirements.

LTE speed test: how to measure the performance of your mobile broadband network

In addition, the PC-World Network Monitor gives you valuable information about the Network speed of the individual mobile operators and network quality and coverage.

The network monitor see the actually achieved download and an overview of upload speeds in the individual networks and network quality. Just when you surf a lot on the Internet or on the go is stream, especially a short charging time and a low drop out rate helpful data. On these points, the three competitors are almost neck and neck.

Caution: EU roaming!

When calling from abroad, it is despite EU roaming a few things to consider:

At Vodafone is differently except at Deutsche Telekom and O2, the EU roaming, Switzerland.

Only the incoming and the outgoing calls at the travel destination, as well as to Germany are free of charge. In a telephone call, for example, from France to Italy fees continues.

EU-roaming applies only to Smartphone tariffs and not for pure data contracts.

Otherwise it looks the average reached down and upload speeds at which: when the download speed Vodafone has followed clear nose front, Telekom and ranked third, O2.Deutsche Telekom took first place in terms of upload speed and points two and three Vodafone and O2 to the courts.