The best free games For Your Android Smartphone

Free fun for Android devices: here we show you .s for 2017. Thus, the year passes guaranteed as in flight.

Whether on the couch, at the bus stop, or while the boss tells of his vacation: when it comes to beat time, Android games are the best choice. No category is as densely populated as the games in the app store, many top titles are completely free.

Only the selection is difficult for sheer diversity. Here we offer our assistance: we introduce open the top games of the year with regular updates and direct download links at this point. Anything that is currently popular and successful, high download rates or setting new trends – short: you will find all the games that powerful fun, here.

Without restriction on individual genres, everyone will find his new favorite game here.Tricky puzzle games like two dots over the adventurous Enigma in the setting of the second World War up to witty adventure titles such as King of thieves or the first-class beat’em up shadow fight 2 is offered plenty of variety.

The best Android smartphones – enough power to gambling

The one thing all have in common is the price: the games are all free. Often, but means that the developer of advertising or in-app purchases are financed. This is so long in order, how to pay games without still enjoy let – that definitely is the case with our selection. While in-app purchases often playful benefits, they are not necessary here to reach level goals, or the final final boss. As the purse is pleased.

The best free Android games for 2017

What will happen in 2017, can tell no one – only one thing is certain: it won’t be boring. At least not if you follow our app recommendations. Battles strategist, thinking professional or skilled finger Acrobat: here comes everybody. Also if you search only a relaxing track, better to get into the rush hour, they will here find it.

Recharge the battery once and throw away your appointment calendar, here we go!

Bubble witch 3 saga

Alone or with friends pull this patience game in a fantastic world of adventure and get mightily on the plaster – and on the bubbles.

Bubble witch 3 saga is already the third installment of the series to the brave witch Stella – and so far the best. Like this category common combination games, we try to combine at least three same-colored balls to sweep them from the square on a colorful playfield. In addition to a considerable factor of addiction there also something like a story fits in the game: to save the Fairy Queen in distress it is to defeat the droll but nasty cats Baron Wilbur. At the beginning this is not especially difficult: the trajectories of projectiles are generously drawn in levels, shooting over there almost becomes art. Because there but for rapid coping with individual level bonus points, the structure particularly in later sections is quite complex and the app like calls for special destinations, the whole thing is so fast not boring.

Games on multiple devices

Bubble witch 3 saga is free of charge and offers various in-app purchases. Fun and game play are but not dependent on, free, there are a few extras. You may build your own House and invite friends to visit to obtain small rewards. Practical: Who enjoys to gamble good on multiple devices, can synchronize easily his scores via the Internet.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app bubble witch 3 saga

With elaborate presentation, lots of colourful animations and a long-term entertaining gameplay, this Android game has the makings of a classic.

German-speaking, free

Block! Hexa puzzle

Like Tetris, only different: in this puzzle game you must put together seamlessly predefined puzzle parts – without getting mad.

Block makes no age limit and with foolproof gameplay!Hexa puzzle at first glance not particularly challenging impression. This changes at a second glance: to create blocks and blocks without gaps in the two-dimensional templates, is quickly becoming the tricky thinking. Post a tutorial about five seconds long, it is level by level with rapidly increasing difficulty to the nitty-gritty. Schön: Who finally finds the right solution to a perceived eternity of moving and trying, rightly pleased with their own performance. Overall, the app stately waiting with 300 levels, which are divided into 14 game modes and difficulty levels. The game is also offline perfectly and dabbles with leisurely animations and gentle background music in a relaxed atmosphere.Who don’t like the somewhat repetitive Muzak of soundtrack, can turn off just the.

Tips via in-app purchase

Who don’t know who let the game give a tip, which are free of charge but only in very limited quantities to have. Here come the in-app purchases in the game: there are around 50 tips for about five euros. In contrast to similar titles in the app store are not necessary: all sections can be solved without having to spend a penny. Makes more sense as shutting down of advertising: it cost €1.99 at the time of the test.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app block! Hexa puzzle

A tricky puzzle game with simple gameplay and lots of challenging levels.

English, free of charge

Taps to riches

Become rich at your fingertips: this construction simulation stimulates the release of happiness hormones in seconds.

Free Android game taps to riches is definitely to be taken literally: while building here after whole towns, you need to look past repeatedly in between your buildings, to get yields and to stimulate the production of money. As it should be, players with start at the bottom: as a penniless and newly redundant villain we turn to the world of real estate tycoons and financial magnates. Of course, only to snap the world domination quite legally to us this time. Small investments as quickly followed the first revenues, with which we buy again new fast-food chains, hotels or garages. Lots of extras like bonus goals or collecting helpful advisors season already gripping play repeatedly with small diversions.

Caution: leisure fellows

Tap to riches after the first minute you notice no longer as time flies. The soundtrack is pleasantly catchy and the cycle of buying, income and appreciation of own real estate is perfectly staged and speaks directly to the reward Center. We have warned you – must go now but yourself.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app taps to riches

Fast paced gameplay without taking a breather: who comes out of this addictive game, worthy of respect.

German-speaking, free


Alone in the dark: This snappy skill game you must complete a small ball of light safely through the darkness.

When light! assume control over some kind of fireflies with navigation problems. The floating light source knows only two directions, between which you can switch at any time by tapping. Of course, you must control the “character” not against a wall or an obstacle. Also bonus points lying around on the largely undefined lines richly and provide at least a gross movement patterns. The app offers by default four game modes, which are the four seasons refused. A real challenge is hardly to find, developers want to impress especially with ambience and relaxing minutes offer players of a few. This works fine: while we are leisurely through the moving atmospheric and dark level, change of perspective, as well as lots of smooth effects and animations guarantee a dreamy trip.

Fun game with good hardware

Light! looks good and comes with beautifully staged levels. Anyone looking for a real challenge, is however wrong in the title and on older Android devices, the game quickly gets into the bucking. Who but looking for a few quiet minutes to relax after a long day, can turn off here just fine. An endless mode is also on board.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app light!

Simple gameplay in fantastic levels: this game is about relaxation and serenity.

English, free of charge

Toy blast

This puzzle game is indeed about toys and funny characters. The app is suitable not only for children.

At the first glance looks toy blast off as a game for small children: Bright colours, simple gameplay and music that reminds a little of sleep AIDS for babies, put their stamp on the app. Has it but the game mechanics and fun adults too powerful: on mostly the same shaped playing fields we need to clear each level, different stones. We simply type combinations of same-colored items and to see how the stones into nothingness fizzle. The larger the station wagon, the better the effect: at once removed about five or more stones, which enabled extras such as bombs, rockets, vacuum drills and some more creative super weapons. Because new stones in the field with any turn from the top, impressive moves can be so with a little practice to prepare. Facebook leaderboards, you then may brag about your successes.

Lots of levels

, Toy makes fun blast with abundant levels, and many creative tools in the long run.Almost after each section, rewards or new tools waiting only works sometimes but somewhat corny presentation. Who does not disturb it, can look forward at the free title on many varied hours of play. The degree of difficulty but rarely leaves a simple level.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app toy blast

A funny combination game with simple rules, low degree of difficulty but a lot of extras and a loving production.

English, free of charge



In this simulation game, you’re the boss of all: you sell the harvest of your agricultural Empire here in home-built cities.

Had we so far still decide when building simulations, whether we want to hire us out as a farmer or urban planner, Township combines both easy. While we open Cafés, inaugurate town halls or run a Zoo, we parallel take care of an agricultural Empire. The Greens thus produced is then processed in the factories of the city and make money and experience points. With the money, we build bakeries, mines or (later in the game) landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or the Sphinx. The construction possibilities are generous: playing with admirable diversity waiting by rubber factories Mexican restaurants to the registry office and taxi companies. Via Facebook or Google + play Township with friends, Alternatively you can make new friends via the app.

Varied jobs

In addition to urban development and agricultural production, the game ensures variety also with lots of additional tasks. Namely, the townspeople have plenty special requests: because schools will be built, parties demand food and again residents on unusual artifacts are sharp, you must promote your mines but once for days.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Township

“Simcity” meets “Hay Day”: Township you to build cities and farming. The gameplay is top notch.

German-speaking, free

Enigma: free adventure game

Hunt riddles, puzzles and things in the air: when Enigma: adventure game free a lot is offered. Oh, Yes, there are also zombies and will be played at the setting of the second world war. Any questions?

Free titled Enigma comes a charming point- and -click adventure on Smartphones and tablets, which we must seek the wit not long. In the role of a secret agent, we sneak onto the side of the allies through the 1940s Europe and try to figure out the secrets of the code “Enigma” machine. Before lovingly designed backgrounds with a lot of charm and joke click and find players by all sorts of scenes and solve rows creative challenges. There are hidden objects, lots of dialogue, clever puzzles and varied challenges: we slip into enemy uniforms, crack funny puzzle or prove to us as a cunning thief and Manipulator. Again and again it is striking: the developers had lots of creative ideas and don’t be shy, to implement them. A top titles!

Unclouded fun

No hidden costs, no in-app purchases, and no annoying registration: In this game there is to complain about hardly anything. The ambience is right: atmospheric music and beautiful background ensure from the outset the mood. The story can be seen and quickly strikes players in its spell.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Enigma: adventure game free

A first class, free games hit with much charm and outstanding story. For adventure fans, the download is required.

German-speaking, free

Tap tap dash


With simple gameplay, but a gripping addiction factor, tap tap dash has the makings of the favorite game.

In tap tap dash you take on the role of small watschelnder creatures that seemingly have nothing to do better, as bewandern a too narrow path – leading at every turn to ruin. Their task: bring Hedgehog with eye patches, Pugs in red underwear or chicks with sunglasses safely to the finish. This tap just the display, as soon as is a twist or a hearty jump, the player character by itself performs the necessary maneuvers. Of course, it’s not quite as easy as it sounds: with each new level, the lines are longer and the curves nastier, also the speed of the game sets out again a bit. A total of 1000 level is considered here to be mastered, it wait so many hours playing time. This free play around 20 weird characters.

Relatively easy

Compared with hardcore skill titles like “Flappy Bird” (and its clones) or “geometry dash” this game is not so tricky. Failure is also on the agenda, in contrast to the competing titles that happens but fortunately not already after the first three seconds of the game.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app tap tap dash

Funny, odd and getting back more exciting: This reaction game time fly flies.

German-speaking, free