The Best TV Apps For Android

Watch TV you no longer need on the couch. Thanks to extensive streaming services, you can enjoy your favorite channels and programmes today almost invariably go. Whether on the train, at the airport or when the in-laws to visit are: just Smartphone or Tablet whip out, press play and it passes the time fly.

All you need to do this, is of course the app – and you can find that here: introducing the best free Android apps for mobile television. Here you will find comprehensive streaming apps that make you almost the entire German TV program on the Smartphone, TV tools with practical recording functions, and extensive libraries. Small restriction: private broadcasters there are mostly only in the subscription fee.

But also in terms of video on demand, the offer is often very promising: regardless of what wants to just send for a Chief of any program, check out easily the episodes of your favorite shows so, if you have time and inclination for it. Unpack the popcorn ever, we want good entertainment!

Dailyme TV, series & TV

he free app Dailyme TV, series & TV is purely ad-supported and more TV fun than some competitor offers convenient offline functionality.

Series, movies or comedy shows: Dailyme TV, series & TVbrings a selection of programmes from public television of but also selected private broadcasters on the Android screen. Particularly practical: Your favorite shows with the app advance (about home via Wi-Fi) download to watch on the go video. This protects the data plan and making trouble over long load times to the thing of the past. With more than 1000 posts it will so quickly not boring: “Forbidden love”, “Mirror TV” and various feature film highlights, there’s the ProSieben and also international series to watch classic “Switch”. Thanks to automatic synchronization in the Wi-Fi download favorite shows not every time even on Smartphones or tablets.

Well thought out program

With sophisticated settings, this app makes quickly sympathetic: you may set the desired quality of advance downloads in the options themselves, when the battery weakens Dailyme is also exemplary with the synchronization of your shipments.Schön: Notifications inform the program about finished downloads. Only the advertising may annoy some, that the program can be for free use.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Dailyme TV, series & TV

With solid programme selection, a compelling experience and practical advance downloads Dailyme have always a TV in your pocket.

German-speaking, free

ProSieben – live TV, media library

With live broadcasts and access to the media library can you with this app ProSieben look to drop.

With the app ProSieben – live TV, library smartphones and tablets are the television – at least for the program of the private broadcaster. A practical live stream for the daily TV program, as well as a more straightforward access to the ProSieben media library is included. Here, trailer, teaser, or previews the appearance often determine users may watch but also consequences of “Galileo”, “Newstime” or “tough”. A Boulevard program has the app on board, all day long you will find here news about stars and starlets as well as lifestyle, service or scientific posts. It is that but often very short clips rarely longer than a minute to run. Push messages informed the app on desire of launching favourite programs, a program overview is on board and via search function you can find shows and broadcasts in the blink of an eye.

Prima live stream, weak media library

Live-stream works perfectly with the app the ProSieben, have the sender, so always in the Pocket. Not quite so the on demand is convincing: Good for licensing reasons leave shipments as “2 broke girls” or “Grey’s Anatomy” only teaser view, whole episodes are only available in the Livestream – too bad.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app ProSieben-live TV, media library

With this app, they have the private channel ProSieben in your pocket. You get access to the library – here’s the selection but right mau.

German-speaking, free



IP-TV for all: SPB TV provides around 100 international broadcasters in the live stream as well as a small selection of on-demand videos.

The selection at SPB TV can be with more than 100 free international channels see, unfortunately many programs come from abroad and do not send in the German language. With broadcasters such as “Euro News”, “AFP news” or “plain as day. TV”is there anything but also for German-speaking audience to watch. For each transmitter is a compact description in English and sometimes also a broadcast schedule. The list of programs can be easily filtered: roughly by genre, language or specifically for feature films, you can sort the range. We could not detect unfortunately complete feature films in the German language at the time of the test. By private broadcasters also each track is missing from the app: especially news streams and niche channels are included in the offer.

Simple but functional interface

SPB TV operation is playing by hand: the UI effect though somewhat karg, but clearly accommodates information and promises a smooth handling with snappy reactions.Practically: The app allows you to create your own program list in the main window and to accommodate individual stations in.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app SPB TV

This app provides lots of niche programs from all over the world, even some German broadcasters are on board. Sports fans enjoy the on-demand videos to soccer, racing and co. in HD.

English, free of charge

FilmOn free live TV

With several local channels from all over the world, FilmOn free live TV will make your TV competition.The app is a welcome companion on trips.

With more than 1000 channels and a stately video archive of 200,000 titles, you can use this app television until hell freezes over. FilmOn Free Live TV offers channels from Asia, the Middle East, the United States and also from Europe and Germany. Most offers are free of charge. In genres such as horror, action, drama and music, you will find lots of (often English) title for easy streaming. In medium quality is that who wants to watch HD generally free, but needs access to the purse. Current DVD titles such as “Star Trek: beyond” or “Ghostbusters” you can buy via app and see, the prices for this are usually in the range of 10 euros. The offer of the app does not have German private broadcaster unfortunately.

Record programmes directly via app

With FilmOn, you can watch stations not only in the live stream or retrieve videos from various libraries, the TV tool comes also with a recorder function: easily record TV shows with this and look at shows and movies, if you have the time for it. A premium version is also available, which dispenses with the sometimes intrusive advertising of the free version.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app FilmOn free live TV

FilmOn free live TV can quickly convince with an extensive choice of international channels, recording capabilities, as well as on-demand offerings. Caution: There is to see here no German private stations.

German-speaking, free

DMAX app


The eponymous private transmitter comes with the DMAX app free on Smartphones and tablets. There are live TV and lots of on-demand videos from the library of the transmitter.

Whether “asphalt cowboy”, “Steel Buddies” or “auction hunters”-naming for shipments at the private channel DMAX follow a clear pattern. This also applies to the target group: the offer to please especially men. If you can inspire so for adventure in the wild or are interested in tips and tricks from the used car business, you should give the DMAX App a chance. Free of charge and in its entirety there is the offer of the “man station” as TV stream or via on-demand videos on the built-in media library. Both works fine, you must live only with regular advertising impressions. For the programmes look very ordinary high all: solid sound and HD streams make joy watching.

Clear app with successful construction

With “Mythbusters”, “Battlebots” or the “battle of BBQ” faster DMax beat probably slightly higher than usual. Thanks to a short loading times, one an easy interface with intuitive structure makes the powerful mood. On the road you must be careful however: In the mobile data network the downloads can exploit your data quota quickly.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app DMAX app

Look like to DMAX, can do with this app now conveniently available on travel: live streams and a huge archive of broadcasts are on board.

German-speaking, free



Zattoo is a popular streaming service to TV without a TV. Also on Android devices works fine there.

In terms of selection, Zattoo is one of the leaders of the TV apps: with public broadcasters ARD, ZDF, arte and co. up to specialty channels such as Eurosport, DMAX or N24 exemplary is the selection of free programs. Also private channels can watch Zattoo, a subscription to the monthly price of around 10 euros but is due for the live streams. There are many German private channels broadcasting in HD. Also on-demand videos come free on the Smartphone app. This includes about documentaries, information programmes, such as Galileo or cooking shows and talk sessions – even without private broadcasters subscription can be so for hours watching TV per app. Alone the extensive selection of reports and documentaries promises many enjoyable hours of television with a learning effect.

Powerhouse in terms of functions

With Zattoo, a little multi talent on the Android device comes: the app offers extensive live streams, a remarkable selection of on-demand shows, and a clear and detailed program guide with a strong live overview. This building makes a convincing impression, only the transmission can be sometimes to be desired: not always the live streams run absolutely liquid.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Zattoo

Zattoo is one of the best apps for free TV on Android devices. Unfortunately, private broadcasters are not free–there is lots of en-demand

German-speaking, free

TV Spielfilm – TV program

With the official app TV Spielfilm – TV you not only know programme of the programme guide which is seen in the TV – you can also check it via app.

With the app TV Spielfilm – TV program you have the television programme of the German channel landscape in mind. The program guide is not only time but with reviews also helps to make interesting shows and movies. Can check out then immediately which app, at least with some 50 stations this work completely free: ARD, ZDF, arte and niche channels such as Phoenix or Sport1 are freely available.Who wants to see also private broadcaster, needs access to the purse but: 20 more stations such as ProSieben, Sat1, RTL2 are reserved for the premium package and costs 9.99 Euros per month. Also a “lifestyle” package is to have: 2,99 Euro per month and offers special-interest channels to the themes of food, travel, cars, or cooking.

Streaming from Android 4.3

The TV live stream works for this app only with devices from Android 4.3 under this version, the app offers only a program guide and links such as retrieving programmes from the libraries on the appropriate Web page. Good: You can cancel all subscriptions again at the end of the current month.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app TV Spielfilm – TV program

A successful hybrid app from TV Guide and streaming service. Private broadcasters are there but as so often only in the subscription fee.

German-speaking, free

Magine TV – Live TV

Magine TV – Live TV makes smartphones to Pocket TV.The app free streams many broadcasters and private broadcasters are offered in different packages as a subscription.

Your TV might resent the download app Magine TV – Live TV : streaming-tool for Android brings around 30 channels free of charge on the display. At no cost, there are these but only in standard resolution. ARD, ZDF, N24 and co. can consult at all times on your Smartphone or tablet, private broadcasters need to book you in the subscription. Here is the app with flexible packages and fair conditions: total magine TV offers six different subscriptions. They each differ in price and the number of TV stations that provided.For € 4.99 per month there is the basic package with VOX and RTL2, ProSieben, Sat1, also DMAX HD is included. If you have other preferences, can be to tie channel packages to the theme “Sport and action”, “Kids” or “movies and series”. Practical: By Chromecast check out the TV program on the big screen.

Flexible and fair

Magine TV is one of the few TV apps with flexible subscription options, which makes the streaming tool comparatively cheap: the program package for movies and series includes about eight stations and costs only 2,99 Euro per month. Note: For licensing reasons you can watch TV with the app only within Germany. Abroad magine TV denied the service – unless you use a German VPN.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app magine TV-Live TV

This streaming app offers six different transmitter subscriptions, which like to select users based on their own preferences. There are around 30 channels free.

German-speaking, free

SAT. 1 gold – TV and media library

With satellite. to conveniently you can see the program of the free TV channel 1 gold – TV and library as a live stream. Also a media library with video archive is on board.

SAT. 1 gold is a free-TV broadcasters actually mainly aimed at women in the middle ages. We are for nonsense, with shows like “Bonanza”, “Dr. Quinn” and “diagnosis: murder” everyone can pass the time here. The app SAT. 1 gold – TV and library has a program guide on board, with a handy search function provides overview and is remembered via push functionality at the next start of the favourite programme. If you missed this once, should mope also no: with a broadcast archive and a free library, many programs can be retrieve afterwards. Topics, the app provides constantly current clips lifestyle, health, or own broadcasts, which are linked to a commercial but each firm. Attention: For the live stream, you need a device with at least Android 4.3.

Intuitive design with good overview

The operation goes here easily and fast by the hand, and the establishment can be seen: the app provides news, a live-stream of the program guide, and a Gospel program archive your own categories. Also a search tool to track individual items is integrated.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app SAT. 1 gold-TV and media library

With this app you can the Livestream of the free TV channel sat. 1 gold watch on the go. The program archive, you may retrieve lots of shows and episodes free.

German-speaking, free

Tubi TV – free TV & movies

Tubi TV – free TV & movies dozen English-language movies free streaming offers. The quality of the image moves in midfield.

With the app Tubi TV – free TV & movies are their own program boss: Tubi TV you don’t have to wait until something exciting on the flicker box, you choose yourself in a long list full of game. To see there as well as science fiction title or tear-jerking Romance Comedy flick, action movies and cartoons. Whether classic Buster Keaton, oldschool horror movies or anime – for almost everyone, the app has the appropriate movies on board. The whole thing has just a hook, or rather two: all films are in English and not high on the amount of time. On Smartphone displays, this is still not very disturbing, the app supports but some shows work then unfortunately bad grainy also streaming to connected TV devices – on large displays.

Restrictions in German-speaking countries

Tubi TV is designed primarily for American television, in Germany, the selection is substantial but reduced. The app has a very welcome bookmark function on board: Once begun broadcasts remembers the program until you’ve seen them at the end.Record and retrieve at a later time films in a wish list.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Tubi TV – free TV & movies

This app offers although no TV program, but has a lot of free movies from almost all popular genres in the luggage. Downside: All strips are in English.

English, free of charge