The Catcher in the Rye

From your mobile operator may be best and easiest help when things go wrong? Mobile has the answer.

For the most part we care only about one thing when it comes to our mobile subscription: price. We expect everything to work as it should, be easy to use and be approximately equivalent irrespective of the subscription.

But if not everything works as it should, or if you need to access any services you rarely use, then contact your provider’s customer service. And then, it is clear that not only is minute and SMS rates that determine which operator is the best. How good they are at providing support is also a factor. And there are big differences. Mobile has identified and tested the operators ‘ customer service. Let’s start where you start: on the Web.

Glocalnets Web page often refer to telephone support.


When you have a ticket to customer service is the Web probably the place you start at, if only to look for the phone number for customer service. It may be worthwhile to remain on the Web for a while, for all operators in the test but Lebara has some form of knowledge database of questions and answers that are at least answers the question on how to get internet settings to their mobile.

There is a clear distinction between the four network operators, all of which have more ambitious facts databases, and their subsidiaries, and the independent, who is content with a list of questions and answers.

The latter has a waterfall the simplest, which is only able to answer one of the questions. Universal Telecom has an equally simple questions and answers, but little more answers can be found for some reason during the “practical info”. Glocalnet has a searchable questions & svarsida which still only able to answer that question, and it also generates a lot of error messages when you search. Glocalnets website also refers repeatedly to phone support, which is annoying. A plus in the edge of the waterfall that has a list of support numbers to various mobile manufacturers in cases for the phone itself.

Optimal Telecom, Parlino and Tango have different Web pages, but their questions are similar, and together with Halebop stands up to the only two of the five standard questions. The best in this category survives Djuice that can handle three issues and can provide a reference to a fourth.

For all the lists of questions and answers concerning the need to have a pretty good track of what you are looking for in order to have a chance to find it. “to get their internet settings to your phone, for example, should be familiar with concepts such as gprs and wap.

Panel: Robot assistants Eva, Emma and Sara.

Go to the four operators with own network, all of which have rather more extensive and ambitious Web support, you are greeted right away by robotic assistants. Our site has Eva, Tele2 has Sara and Our site have Emma. All three are animated characters with a text field where you can enter your question in free text to help you find information on the site. It is more than just a simple search bar you notice quickly, and sometimes it is really impressive how good assistants manage to interpret the questions you ask.

In the duel between Eve, Emma and Sara WINS Our site’s Emma, who manages four of my five questions on the first try, and serves me Web pages with very comprehensive information on how I connect my computer with your mobile phone, all I need to know about international calls, as well as how to link together calls. Our site’s website is in general small unattractive, but I never feel that I need to look at your own.

Tele2 ‘s Sara is almost as good at interpreting my questions, but unfortunately often is forced to refer me to the mobile manufacturer or otherwise notify me that the answer to my question is not on the corporate website. Our site’s Sara is somewhat more difficult to understand my issues, and works better if you choose to treat her like a normal search bar. Eva also has a tendency to send me to the Web pages about fixed telephony. She needed anyway, because without her, I am pretty sure that we would never found info on group calls on Our site’s vast and tangled web.

Best of the Web: Our site

Chat and e-mail

Phone support is what you first think of when you think of customer service, and also that we put the most time on testing. But sometimes the writing is preferable. Via email, you can formulate your question better and send it when you have time, and written replies can include detailed instructions that are easier to follow. On the other hand, it takes longer to get the answer, especially if you have follow-up questions or don’t know exactly how to formulate the question.

Halebop has no phone support, and e-mail becomes the main contact way.

Halebop and Parlino has no telephone support on their Web pages. In the Parlinos case, you are probably not denied assistance if you call to Optimal Telecom’s customer service, but for Halebop is e-mail the only way to contact customer service for questions.

Tele2, Our site and Lebara has no e-mail contact options. At Tres website we end up using the wrong turns in an e-mail form to contact customer support, but given that you should specify the phone model and must choose between Sony Ericsson z1010 and other four-year-old models we suspected correctly that we would not get any reply on the road. Tele2 and Our site have chat as an alternative, but Lebara and Tres customer service g r so not to be reached in writing, which is a definite minus.

Two of the operators, Tele2 and Our site, offer chat support options. If you feel comfortable with it, you get the advantage of text-based information, while you get immediate response and light can work out if you are unsure of the problem.

Three had until recently chat support options, but you removed that service in december 2007. Universal Telecom provide on their phone support that you can chat with their customer service, but we can find no evidence on their website that this is the case. Our site has chat support for digital TV and broadband, but not for mobile telephony.

Some of the smaller operators have a single e-mail address to ask questions, but most have some sort of Web form to contact customer service. It has the disadvantage that it does not automatically receive a copy of his correspondence, but the advantage that you do not have to wait 24 hours for an answer only to be told that customer service needs our phone numbers to be able to answer the question what happened in Djuice.

For mail to be an attractive, it is expected both to get a full answer, and that the response time is within 24 hours. As regards the former gives all operators of great answers, but it’s the si and so with it later. Glocalnet is fastest, with an answer for two hours, while Our site and Djuice are lows with response time of 6 days. DJUICE was in any case the sense to ask a thousand times sorry for the late reply.


Sometimes it goes wrong with chattuppkopplingen.

Tele2 ‘s chat with customer service is easy to find on the Web. When you connect to them, I immediately contact in two of the cases. In the third, chat to the looking for a casual support person, but after more than three hours of waiting time, we concluded that it was about technical errors. The staff of customer care chat gives Curt answers without unnecessary pleasantries, and you feel not as well treated as per phone, even if you get answers to their questions. Our site’s chat is similar, and even this saving you the courtesy phrases, but the answers are more elaborate and detailed, and we happen to never charge for technical problems.

Best email: Glocalnet


Chat and e-mail are all very well, but when it is really crisis wants to talk to a human being. And as the crisis may be small at any time of day plays, of course, customer service phone hours role. Here there is a clear class difference between network operators and their subsidiaries, which are open evenings and weekends, and the independent providers that only open during business hours. Most operators have less phone time on weekends, but Three and Tele2 have evening opening hours even on weekends. Our site is alone in having telephone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Generous opening hours, of course, is not much worth if you can sit for hours on hold if you call in the evening. We have called our customer service calls well spread over the day and days of the week, and have not noticed any particular trend to wait is longer boxing day than on a Tuesday morning.

Generally, we are indeed impressed by the short waiting period before getting help. Most operators are waiting an average of 3-4 minutes, including selections in menus, indicating the phone number and the call forwarding. Best survives Djuice where we basically get immediate response every time we call. The second worst is Three, where the waiting time is between 1.45 and 18 minutes. The worst is our site with an average wait time at 17.25 hours.

In addition to an ambitious Web has our site also generous opening hours test for customer support: 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In our site’s case is due to the long waiting time on one thing: When we ask the question about how we connect the computer to the Internet using your phone as a modem, we referred on to broadband support, and here we are playing in another League. In the queue for mobile support, you can know that you’ve place 61 in sex and still get the answer in five minutes, in broadband sex, it may take 10 minutes to advance a position. This results in two calls on 33 and 70 minutes that pulls down the our site cut significantly. Without these, the average waiting time at Our site have been lower than that of the Three.

Queue position, Yes. If you will be placed on hold, it is a big advantage if you can get any kind of forecast on how long you may have to wait for answers. If you know that it will take ten minutes, you can put the phone on speaker mode or listen in headsets and do something else at the same time. Even long waiting times can be acceptable in these circumstances.

This is by far the best, Our site. It specifies not only a forecast for how long it will take to answer the call, but what place it has in the queue. This position is then down gradually, which means you can go in for something else and listen with a half ear to sit in peace and quiet when it starts to get closer to an answer.

Of the other operators are giving Our site, Tele2 and Glocalnet a forecast on how long it will take to answer the call, while the Waterfalls and Universal Telecom specifies what place it has in the queue. If Djuice has response time Prediction time to never go so far as to let us know. Also for Lebara (whose customer service is simply a man with phone) and Optimal Telecom’s response time so short that there is never enough time to become a concern that we don’t get any forecast.

For Three, on the other hand, where the waiting time can pull off for 18 minutes is a serious inconvenience that you don’t get any prediction for how fast answering. This is increased by the fact that you can not contact them via chat or email, phone is the only way to reach them, causing the deduction of points.


Tres Web is well-organized, but call for telephone support, one can wait without any forecast on the waiting time.

Once you come up to you, of course, get a nice and a good response to their questions. Generally, we say that the operators ‘ customer service is really nice. We have set high standards when we rated hospitality in the talks, and a fourth in the response should be seen as a very good score. When customer service has made extraordinary, as to go beyond that to actually give support on or conversing pleasantly while they look up something on the computer, we have provided a different story. Deduction of points is given for example for smågnäll on your computer to run slow, tired and Curt answers, or disconnections.

We note gratefully that disconnections, where one is told to wait and then the call ends, now appears to be endangered. They are virtually endemic in Universal Telecom, where they are commonly found, otherwise we just happen to a single detachment, at Our site.

It is in the telephone support we have tested the customer service level. We expect to get the same answer in email and chat and have therefore most asked control questions. The exception is the Halebop that can’t be reached by phone, those kunskapstestade we via email.

Questions, you can read more about in the box opposite. The first issue of Internet settings to your phone seems to be one of the most common questions answered, and operators may without problems in all calls. The fact is that Our site already taking this question while sitting in the telephone queue.

The issue of rates for international calls, all but Lebara and Universal Telecom agreed on. Some answers just exactly what you are asking, and for instance, it is only a call to the waterfall to spontaneously declare that the receiver pays for a call back from abroad. In every other case, you just reply to it if you know to ask about. Our site and Djuice, plus to also spontaneously recommend to turn off their voice mailbox before you travel away to avoid unpleasant additional costs.

The question of flerpartsamtal seems not to be quite so ordinary, and most must dig a little after the answer. It happens that we get directly contradictory answers. In Our site, I at one time know that there is an additional service that costs extra, but not at the next. Of the Three, I get on one of the calls to know that I have to log on to the Web page and turn on the service, at the other, I know that it is not needed. In Optimal Telecom I just get in one call to know that it is not possible with my Tango cash card.

The issue of vibrator signal to your phone is a pure, pure phone technical question and has really nothing to do with the operators ‘ services. The issue of how to connect your computer with your mobile phone as modem is tangent to the focus on the phone.

There are just three that specifically provides support on the phones, the others often refer to the phone manufacturer’s support. Some support people making the effort, however, a little extra here, and when they find out that I have a Sony Ericsson phone, for example, they are looking for a similar phone and helps me to step through the settings even if they are not required to provide telephone support.

DJUICE is fastest to respond when called.

The question of how to use your phone as a modem is clearly the most difficult, and it’s rare we get a completely exhaustive answer, usually gets a little iffy when it comes to how to pair the computer with phone, with references to phone’s manual and any accompanying cable. Bluetooth is seldom mentioned.

On the whole, feels most responses a bit outdated when it comes to the Internet on your mobile. Even if you get a correct answer, there will be much talk of WAP during or to use GPRS, terms that are correct irrelevant when surfing with a 3 g mobile phone in 2008. Three and Our site are the ones who kept up with the best in the development.

When it comes to the level of knowledge of telephone support, three in top, closely followed by Our site, closely followed by Djuice. Since it is a noticeable jump to the other. Our site has the best phone hours, while Djuice has remarkable short response times.

Best on phone: Djuice

Final grades

When we worked together the final mark, we have not SAT scores per category as above, even if we report these scores separately for those who, for example, most are interested e-mail support and does not care about phone support. Instead, we have set an overall rating in the categories of access, service and knowledge, based on how well the customer service as a whole performs in these branches.

In the grade of availability, we have weighted together how many ways one can reach the operator’s customer service, the opening hours, the response times for email and telephone, as well as how easy to find information on the Web.

Our site, the only fifth grade in accessibility, through its combination of many contact opportunities, relatively short response times on the phone, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and an excellent Search Assistant to find information on the Web. What is missing is the ability to ask questions by email, but it is compensated for largely by 24-hours for phone and almost around the clock live chat.

In response, we have weighted together how nice responded to get on the phone, via e-mail or chat, as well as, to some extent, the nature of the responses on the Web. There is no clear winner or loser, the level falls to between 3 and 4 over the entire field.

The skill level is an aggregate of the quality of the responses we received via phone, email and chat, as well as how many questions are answered on the Web.

Three receives highest rating of knowledge, thanks to a faktamatad Web in combination with being alone to provide support on the phones. Our site, however, ends up not long after, with the best information on international calls on the Web and by telephone.

Our site is the test winner, thanks to the high availability of information via the Web, chat and phone at all hours, and the high level of technical knowledge and the pleasant hospitality.

Three and Djuice will split second. DJUICE does not reach up to quite the same level as the parent company our site in availability but is almost as good in the other categories. Three strikes our site on technical skills, but the fact that you can only contact them by telephone and there may have to wait a long time in the queue without any forecast on the waiting time, as well as a somewhat more challenging to navigate the Web, lowers the grade.