The CEO of BlackBerry Calls Is Obligated by Law to Develop Apps for All The OS

“All customers of mobile connectivity they should have access to any application “and legal content they want, and application and content providers should be banned from discriminating based on the operating system of the consumer”. These words appear in a letter that John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, has sent to the United States Congress as a view of BlackBerry on the neutrality of the network.

In the letter, Chen points out that they do offer your BBM service on any platform, but there are others who have not followed suit. It mentions Apple, iMessage, and Netflix, which also has encouraged even to launch a proper application for the operating system of the Canadians. “Many other applications developers offer their services only to users of iPhone and Android,” he said.

According to his words, this has created a mobile ecosystem of “two levels”: on the one hand are iPhone and Android and, on the other hand, everyone else. “These are precisely the types of discriminatory practices that neutrality advocates criticize operators” and, therefore, it requests that they legislate in favour of neutrality also forced in terms of applications and content.

BlackBerry, like other minority systems, is having problems to grow its catalog of applications. In his day, when they launched BlackBerry 10, encouraged the creation of new apps with money, although the result was not as good as they thought: few drinking apps and many filling. It is now possible to install Android apps and, in fact, have an agreement signed with the Amazon Appstore.