The Decline of The ROMs: It Can Keep Alive a Mobile with Them?

Be always cooked ROMs developer has been very difficult, It requires work to hard one, could do at least if we are talking about ROMs that are not the typical based on the stock of the manufacturer. For ambitious style of CyanogenMod ROM, an entire team need.

There was a time in which cooked ROMs, you could say, were in vogue, the forums were full of people who rooteaban their smartphones and became addicted to the flashes, not staying more than one week with the same. They were a time of restlessness, of glory “cooks”, satisfied to have a legion of people willing to test your ROM.

They were wonderful times, it I spent wonderful Flash over and over again my mobile for probunique features ar of each ROM, or simply try the new work of a Spanish developer who were encouraged to publish your own ROM. It was almost like renew my mobile without spending a penny: Flash, configure, test, and return to start.

Disappearances of some of the most popular ROMs

Those times of glory now seem to be in the past. I will not cheat, There are still “cook” you working hard to provide the community the best ROM that can be programmed and people willing to try it. Even there are still “addicted to the flashes”, something as romantic as insufficient, I am afraid.

With the passage of time, some of the best-known ROMs were slowly beginning to disappear from the scene as OmniROM Android, for example, that comes to mind right now, or Paranoid Android(d), although it has become, It has been long time out combat. Practically the only of this fifth that remained constant were the guys from CyanogenMod.

One could even grasp how there still remained some “Chef” which endeavored to treaer something that wasn’t the typical MIUI, CyanogenMod, or a stock released with any customizations extra. The bad news is that not to receive those comments that congratulated him or reported bugs, just leave it.

Lack of interest in the development of ROMs?

I’ll put two examples illustrating this section, two terminals by 2015 (so have had time to develop ROMs surplus). The first is the HTC One M9, showing, in HTCMania Forum, in two pages there is only a ROM hung, stock-based.

The S6 Galaxy, on the other hand, has more luck, with a total of 7 ROMs on 2 pages, that almost certainly all of them are based on stock, no news from CyanogenMod anywhere, and still less of other based on AOSP ROMs, for example. There may be more fortunate in other terminals, but they are examples of how the landscape is.

To find us with the reborn Paranoid Androidd, will have to travel to the domains of the Xperia Z3, where it is temporarily withdrawn to solve problems with the SIM, or to the OnePlus One or 2 OnePlus, Although there is a list of relatively long terminals compatible with this ROM.

I have traveled I more or less half of HTCMania looking for original ROMs, but the only thing I’ve found has been ROMs based on the stock of the manufacturer, in Android stock, a mixture of both, CyanogenMod and Paranoid. It is not a bad variety, but that enormous creativity that was there before we miss.

In some cases crews have been undone for different reasons (personal, labour, disinterest, etc), and it seems that now, as in cases such as OmniROM, have been reassembled, but seems that There is this desire to innovate. They do all great work, but some want to see something come out of it so far.

Follow the Community wanting to custom ROMs?

Although he was talking about that there is no longer a significant innovation in the cooked ROMs, it is also true that it is not because of these wonderful beings who are developers who have given us so much, “guilt” is largely of Android and manufacturers, as version after version they are incorporating advances that we don’t need these custom ROMs.

Increasingly they are working on adding functions that were already cooked ROMs, either or are completely new. In this way make the user to consider seriously if deserve you the penalty flashing other ROMs that surely it will offer you a similar experience, without the complication of root many models of smartphones.

Of course, you can still see many users Flash cooked ROMs, reporting errors and giving their support to the authors, but it seems that there is rather less movement that a few years ago, and is a shame, because there are things like this that put Android in a different League.

Can a smartphone to live with ROMs that exist today?

We’re going to separate, to answer this question, the users by groups, I think it is the best way to hit. If we talk about a user looking for a ROM in particular (in many cases is CyanogeMod) or try to find one perfect for him, the only thing that needs to be is lucky to have a terminal with a large community of development.

If you are looking for a very long stand, seek a CyanogenMod or a stock that won’t be difficult to update. Probably This type of user wants that his mobile phone last more than two years to rent it to spare. For this person, Yes, your cell phone could survive with what of currently on the community.

We go to the opposite side, to the type of user who is addicted to the flashes ROMs, now scarce, that it will not stop try ROMs, regardless of whether it is new or has had a small update, it will not hesitate to download and Flash the ROM. This kind of users spend more time on the menu of the recovery by answering to their contacts Whatsapp messages.

I have also spent a day in, day flashing time from multiple ROMs who had (CyanogenMod, Viper, based on stock, Paranoid…), I wanted to try them all, brand new mobile each day. For such people, mobile, as it is today, the panorama of the ROMs is begun within few weeks.

Conclusion on this topic

To date, the ROMs that can be found in common with most devices are based manufacturer, Android-based stock stock, CyanogenMod and MIUI, although then we have ROMs, such as Paranoid and OmniROM, they are compatible with a relatively small number of devices.

The main problems that we find is that we see no different to that seen ROMs, and manufacturers have introduced features that make users conform with what you offer (because usually offer much), leaving aside the possibility of flashing a ROM cooked.

The root is not limited only to ROMs, but I think it has always been an important part of this world of development, and they have given us real gems that many won’t forget in a long time. Only it remains for us to wait until one day a developer or a team that you type something so novel that it revives the illusion by flashing.