The Drop In Sales of the Apple Watch In a Chart

Apple had not made public the number of your Apple Watch clock sales, released in April, and it is now possible to understand his reasons. The case is that, in spite of promising indicators at the time of your release, the Apple Watch has been accumulating falls of up to 90%.

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The data are from the retail research firm Slice. According to your latest study, intelligent watches Apple went from an average of 200,000 units sold in the week of release for 20000 a few days later.

This average remained until the end of may, when sales fall again, going below 10000 in mid-June.

Second Slice, two-thirds of the watches sold are of the ‘Sport’ model, the cheaper version, sells for $350. The rest of the cake is divided between the more expensive models, sold from $550, and some luxury edition sold for $10000. According to the company, the rare ‘Edition’ had less than 2000 units sold.


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But how bad are these numbers? Before your launch, Apple said she hoped to sell 20 million units by the end of the year.

Second Slice, Apple sold 777,000 units in may–in comparison to smart bracelet Fitbit had 850,000 units sold–in addition to 1.5 million in the week of release (see DISEASESLEARNING.COM).

Assuming, therefore, that the company has sold 2,300,000 until the end of may, the average of June onwards should be 83000 units sold by the end of the year.

If it continues at this rate, the 20 million dream will only be further away.