The European Union Against the Tough Course Against Uber and Ed

EU Commission warns Member States against banning share services as Ed and Uber.

Share services as Ed and Uber meets resistance in several European countries, with partially Uber-ban in France, Germany and Belgium, among others, as well as hefty fines for Ed users in Germany.

The tough course with fines and bans see EU Commission, however, as a last resort which should be avoided.

Instead, the Commission will try to set a more conciliatory agenda, by on Thursday to publish a set of common guidelines for the 28 member countries.

The intention is that the Uber, Ed and other services based on the sharing economy, thus can avoid showdown in each of the individual EU countries. It writes our site.

Unnecessary punishment and prohibition

In the new guidelines paves the way for more accommodative and progressive measures to be taken against the new services. Instead of bans, can set rules, as URf.eks how many days an apartment can be rented via the share services.

“A total ban is a last resort which should only be used when all other, less restrictive, options have been exhausted” reads it in the document.

The guidelines will also be new requirements for parts services. When Uber and Ed sets prices and requiring their partners to take customers, so should partners considered employees, with what is included by requirements on insurance and rights.