The Final Goodbye: Cyanogen Inc Is Now The Mysterious Company Andrasta

At the end of 2016 was one of those news stories that we would have liked it to be a hoax. Cyanogen Inc., the company behind the development of CyanogenMod ROM, missed closing permanently to your business. Community development around this initiative was quite rapid in reorganized and shortly after it announced the birth of LineageOS.

So far did not know which would be the future of what was left of Cyanogen Inc and either there has been no official announcement about the next step, but a slip of the ex-CEO of Cyanogen on Twitter has left uncovered the new stage of the company (or part of it). Cyanogen is now Andrasta.

The telltale logo

The story about how he uncovered the transformation of Cyanogen in Andrasta It is, as least, curious. All occurred when Kirt McMaster, former CEO of Cyanogen, posted two images on Twitter (which by the way has now been cleared) in which one could see the image of the a building clearly damaged and the protagonist of the malfunction: a Tesla Model S with a blow on the face.

In the photo on the left is the new logo on the doors of the former headquarters of Cyanogen

It is not known who owns the car, perhaps it is the own Kirk McMaster, but that does not matter. The key point is in the image on the left, particularly on the glass doors that give access to the building.

According to Android Police, this building is none other than the former headquarters of Cyanogen Inc located in Palo Alto, but now There is a new logo on the doors and the logo corresponds to Andrasta. No it would be a change of tenant since, according to the information, the Cyanogen contract extended to 2018 and continue to emerge as the sole occupant of the building. In addition, they ensure that they already had Cyanogen Inc change tracks to Andrasta but were waiting for an official confirmation.

And what do Andrasta? The truth is that it is difficult to say since no description of their activity does not appear in your web page, but it listed the company consists of ex-employees from high level companies like Google, Sony, über, Facebook, Amazon or Apple. There are also mentions of potential investors that include Qualcomm, Tencent Redpoint or Benchmark. But if there is something clear is that they are seeking new employees in Andrasta.

His LinkedIn page sheds some light on the mysterious company. Andrasta listed in the ‘Internet’ sector and, judging by the posts that they are seeking cover, everything indicates that it is of some kind of software based on IA, may be a new virtual assistant. Here the description that accompanies the offerings:

In Andrasta we are designing an extraordinary future, something that will change the way in which live the life and we will challenge in the very essence of our day to day. We believe that technology should work for you and not the other. It should be powerful, predictive, and above all… about you. We are a dynamic team building the future coming from companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Tesla, über, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Qualcomm and many more. All thanks to investors as Benchmark, Andreessen Horowitz, Index, Redpoint and others.

At the moment we do not know how much part of the template of Cyanogen has embarked on this new project, in fact the old CEO and many others still appear on LinkedIn as Cyanogen employees despite its closure. We will watch to keep track of this new company.