The Galaxy A5 (2017) Still Haven’t Filed Yet, But Already You Can Download Their Firmware and Wallpapers

It is an open secret that in 2017 the Samsung Galaxy A line will receive their annual renewal for the second consecutive year. In fact, have already seen them filtered here and there so basically the only thing that we need is the official presentation of Samsung.

Thus, today the Galaxy A5 of the year coming officially does not exist, but already you can download their firmware from Sammobile. The model name is the foreseeable A520 and it is available in a multitude of variants for different markets.

With Marshmallow?

You’re probably wondering why you should download a firmware for a phone that certainly you don’t. The truth is that you for those who love fiddling with things on our Android, firmware is full of interesting information to investigate, once you have extracted your components.

For example, you could pass these holiday doing research on what has and what has no new phone from Samsung which has not yet been announced. Of time you advance a fact you probably not going to like a lot: they are Marshmallow 6.0.1. Personally I would have expected a mobile launched in 2017 to include the version of Android that was launched in August last year, but Android fragmentation pathways are inscrutable and perhaps here that you launch the terminal change something.

It will depend on your mobile that you can take more or less of this image of the system, although one thing that we are sure that you will be worth are the wallpapers. Sammobile already have extracted them for you, but the truth is that they are not too impressive.

Are mysteries inside this firmware? There will a significant change in Touchwiz or including Samsung apps be? These and other mysteries are waiting to be discovered in any of the firmwares of 2 GB in size. We will also analyze it, and will update this post if you have any relevant news.