The iPhone Case of Stun Gun Shocks Properly!

Since the term of the cover for the phone Gets a whole new meaning: the company yellow jacket of American Seth Froom has presented an iPhone shock case CES in Las Vegas at the electronics fair, which literally leaves a hair: the iPhone cases developed by yellow jacket can be used also as stun and emit strong electric shocks to 650,000 volt.

Seth Froom got the idea with the iPhone case of electric shock after he was prey of to robbers in his home in 2012. He had no weapon to hand, to defend himself, but his cell phone in your pocket. Why so not as a weapon for self defense use not the Smartphone you eh constantly carries with him? Thought, done, come out is the iPhone case of electric shock, which protects not only the iPhone from bumps and co., but in case of need distributed also shocks and protects from nasty iPhone thieves and other riff-raff so quite incidentally also the iPhone owners. The two electrodes attached to the top of the iPhone case of electric shock give an electric shock of 650,000 volts by means of a button attacker. The energy for this comes from a battery, which the iPhone shock case is integrated and recharge the iPhone and can supply with energy for another 24 hours. A safety switch and a plastic cover make sure that the stun is triggered not by chance. The iPhone case of electric shock there for iPhone models 4, 4s, 5 and 5 S, a special electric shock protection case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 in work is reportedly. The iPhone case of electric shock via the website is sold by yellow jacket. Costs: The iPhone stun gun case costs $149.

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