The Most Beautiful Live Wallpapers For Android

The hype surrounding live wallpapers has settled somewhat in recent years, the animated scenes but still provide fresh wind and a special atmosphere on the homescreen. Wonder: moving images to bring life to your Smartphone and offer that little extra in terms of variety.

Unfortunately, the play store what’s live wallpapers, full of middle-class is: lame animations, advertising spin and boring ideas dominate the category actually beautiful.We have made us the trouble and separated the chaff from the wheat. The result can be found here: the best free live wallpapers, the store has to offer.

Fire & ice live wallpaper

With elaborate effects and gorgeous lighting, this free live background makes the homescreen to catcher.

If you can no longer wait on the sequel to “Game of Thrones”, then the fire & ice live wallpaper offers at least thematically something like a small replacement. Also this is about ice and fire – just missing the intrigue. The live puts the opposing elements with

different images background cute scene, is the “live” effect but something improvised and consists only of effects that appear over the static pictures. Intertwined circles, burning hearts or struggling reindeer display touch send in fierce waves across the screen and strong smoke and fog effects quite smoothly complete the picture. Although the background images are not animated itself, the play of colours give a good picture and the manageable range offers some really nice designs.

Effects themselves determine

Who too pushy with the combination of water and fog effects will may also disable this or visually down to regulate something. The image repetition, various environmental effects and the size and intensity of light sources can be generously adapted. Especially on older devices, it is also advisable: all effects are enabled, the live background noticeably nibbling on the battery.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Fire & ice live wallpaper

With a handful of abstract motifs, beautiful play of colors and a variety of flexible effects, this live wallpaper on second glance makes a good figure.

German-speaking, free

Mountain summer live wallpaper free

Comes with this live background atmosphere on the Smartphone: the free app makes the subject of mountains, hills, grasses and the great outdoors.

You must be no Swiss mountain summer live free wallpaper to love. The app is a magnificent mountain landscape skilfully and makes the whole not with clumsy effects to the live wallpaper. Grasses, plants and trees swaying here authentic and supple in the summer wind. Also dandelion flowers trundle through the panorama.While the Matterhorn sits in the far background, the perspective when scrolling on the homescreen can be appealing move, you must write also your own text into the sky. For the sweetheart or even important to remember. The app requires no permissions, is comparatively energy-saving with quiet animations and avoids advertising. The setting options in the free version are somewhat thin, detail levels and the brightness and some animations can be but to settle.

Extras in the premium version

With the Pro version of the app are some extras: there are day and night cycles, and a little dreamy twilight mode. Here, you may also choose represented objects, can set colors for various scenes and silent on important remind of the integrated light alarm clock. Price 99 cents at the time of the test.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app mountain summer live wallpaper free

A beautifully animated live background that makes you forget the tribulations of the urban desert of concrete at least for a moment with artisan production.

German-speaking, free

Nexus revamped live wallpaper

Abstract but aesthetically: This live wallpaper makes a great figure despite minimal effects. The animations are dependent on the battery charge.

Who does not want to animals, plants, or the same sunsets at his live background of attacks to the nexus revamped live wallpaper. The app lets big colorful squares on the homescreen, which left semi-transparent mark and work with your own pictures as background. Practical: Colour and speed of Pilgrim squares are dependent on the battery charge. The Smartphone battery empties the colours are Matt and visibly decreases the speed of the movement. Colors can be alternatively also sweeping set (Pro version) and themes you may assemble and save. This saves the app doesn’t work with possibilities: alone for the length of the tail, the saturation of various displayed elements and the luminosity of the colored rectangles, there are five continuous controller.

Many settings in the free version

The app saves in the free variation on options: speed and direction of motion, particle density and scaling or the frame rate – for everything there is check and control. An energy-saving mode is on board. To automatically enable the or to access rotation settings, the handle to the purse is necessary. Price at the time of the test: €1,54.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app nexus revamped live wallpaper

This live wallpaper provides an abstract and colourful play of light with subtle but appealing animations.

German-speaking, free

Minima live wallpaper


Shapes, characters and moving patterns: With the minima live wallpaper a minimalist but fascinating design returns on your homescreen.

With approximately 35 free themes is much available at this live background in the free version. Forms and figures in the matte but soft paper look there to see: Sun and mountain landscapes to provide here for mood colour cleverly mixed strips, cards or subjects. The beauty of it: With every movement of the Smartphone also the shapes and figures move together. The colors of individual elements, the behavior when user input and various effects can be set up in the free version according to your lane.Usually this is not necessary: already the presets of the designs are expertly tuned and be a real eye-catcher. Minima live wallpaper proves: even without gloss or transparency effects can be tastefully set up a homescreen.

Pro version with much more variety

The Pro version has to offer around three times as much of the app, like the free version with around 90 themes. Many editing as well as setting options are unlocked at the price of €1,12 and you can share here with other users even crafted designs.Well: At random, the Pro version every day presents a new design on the homescreen.

Conclusion to the test of the live wallpaper Android app minima

This live wallpaper with a wide range of often abstract scenes convinces with an individual look in the style of paper.

English, free of charge

Dandelion live background

Pure atmosphere: at the dream night free LiveWallpaper with a scenic night sky penetrates much resting on the homescreen.

Little is so comforting, like the stargazing under the sky tent free. Although the real experience may not replaceDream Night Free LiveWallpaper , the mighty nice atmosphere gets here but close for a simulation: before a magnificent full moon scenery with a distant, bluish light cloud cover the silhouettes of detailed treetops gently in the image. Grasses sprout delicate heaven contrary and again the tail of a discreet star Flake draws attention to itself. Also deer bouncing occasionally half hidden by the landscape and birds also move through the image, this can unfortunately not adapt in the options of the free version, or turn off. The live background gives off a premium image in landscape mode on the tablet.

Atmosphere even denser with Pro version

The already beautiful scenery under the blue sky with fireflies will be enriched with the pay version for €1.38, snowfall can be activated, and the phase of the Moon reflects the current battery charge. Also nice: Settings for animation speeds, Parallax effects and birds are available here, and trees can be freely exchanged.

Conclusion to the test of the dream night free LiveWallpaper Android app

One of the most beautiful live wallpapers in the store: the midnight landscape is atmospherically built and lovingly designed.

English, free of charge

Rain drops live wallpaper HD 8

It is wet, cold and grey with this live wallpaper on the homescreen. The download not only worth it because the app to this gray winter.

Clear:, continuous rain, grey skies and wet shoes does not necessarily lift the spirits. By downloading this app, the feet remain dry but guaranteed and for rain you can develop an entirely new appreciation. In addition to peace and serenity, also a fresh look on your Smartphone has arrived with rain drops live wallpaper HD. As before a window, a steady rain rolls the homescreen down what actually developed a very calming effect over time. Anyway, the live background has its weaknesses: the animations repeat themselves quickly, not quite fluid run whether the moderate refresh also on high-end devices, and the “HD” in the title seems not quite justified to us in the test.

No settings, moderate resolution

Unfortunately, the rain drops live wallpaper HD 8 has more words in the title as setting options: effects, resolution, and refresh (FPS) have unfortunately not influence. A pity, because that would have benefited the overall very simple background: the water animations work so unfortunately not always smooth and the resolution will appear quite rough on larger displays.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app r drops live wallpaper HD 8

Easy and simple but also atmospheric and relaxing: This very simple live background makes good mood with bad weather.

German-speaking, free

Forest live wallpaper

The forest live wallpaper created a modern and charming look on the homescreen with a stylized forest and mountain scenery.

Forests, meadows and mountains: This live background involves natural panoramas, which look not so natural.Mountains and trees are cut like from paper. In the composition, often minimalist elements but give a coherent image that stands out from many generic backgrounds for miles. The landscape images go through a normal day-night cycle, based on the time of day of the user in. Late at night, the scene darkens accordingly and soft Moon and Starlight create an attractive atmosphere. Forest live wallpaper is based also on the weather: If it snows in your site or just the sun shines, then the same thing happened on the homescreen landscape. Nice side-effect: with a view on the background, you always know what just so is the weather. Alternatively they may also choose weather that affects but unfortunately only the app.

Stylish look with optional multisampling

The app genuinely reflects the most weather conditions, with snow, rain, clouds and wind animations. When wiping on the home screen scrolls the panoramic with Parallax effects are based on the equipment angle and in the options, you may customize the appearance with various colour controllers or enable the chic but elaborate multi-sampling.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Forest live wallpaper

Looks good and shows the current weather: this live wallpaper is equally practical and chic.

English, free of charge

Rose 3D magic live WallPaper

Live WallPaper hold three Petite animated red roses with rose 3D magic on the Android device.

When the real ones are too expensive or the flower shop has been closed, you can also give this app roses – and at no cost. The rose 3DMagic live WallPaper comes free with three magnificent specimens of spiny flower and puts them in a fuzzy implied Rosary. While the clouds against a blue sky to relate in the distant background, flapping a pretty blue butterfly from flower to flower and leaves every flush out if you touch the screen. Even the Roses respond to input: the small bouquet to a position rotates with each command and the rose petals open for a moment in all its glory – you need to create it once with a real bouquet of roses.

Hardly any options

Many options have not unfortunately housed the developer: you must set the rotation settings and the color of the butterfly but itself. Even the time of day can be determined: the live background differentiates between morning, evening and night.Automatic change, depending on the current time, is not possible.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Rose 3D magic live WallPaper

With intricately interlocking folded petals, the pretty flowers in this live context make a beautiful impression.

English, free of charge

Stalker cat live wallpaper Lt

Not only cat fans rejoice at the stalker cat live wallpaper lt about a funny kitten as a new homescreen inhabitants.

With Stalker cat live wallpaper takes a petite cat on your Smartphone – or rather the silhouette. The feline companion genre is as faithful as you can only imagine: before a darkened background is the virtual pet again and again unannounced head in the picture. Anyone who has tried to work in the presence of a cat on the computer quickly recognize the scene. The funny animal staring at extra urge users at the first moment to themselves then with a self-satisfied expression again to eat – even this scene acts quickly familiar. Overall, the live background is pleasantly understated and absolutely unobtrusive despite the lively cat: the dark color scheme creates an atmospheric but also serene ambience.

Full version with little extras

For the price of €2.17 is the full version of the app in the store. Here you can set background colors, again to scare the Kitty by wiping gesture, or change the eye color. For resolution or details of the app does not offer settings unfortunately, the graphic works on large Smartphone displays but still razor sharp.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Stalker cat live wallpaper lt

A comparatively economical live background with joke: After downloading, a small black kitten tout regularly to your attention.

English, free of charge

Hypno clock live wallpaper



Stylized with a mechanical watch this free live background wants to impress. The app will appeal not only to engineers.

Looks like a Swiss clock workshop: Hypno clock live wallpapers provides you with not only the current time in the form of an analogue clock always look. The home screen also becomes the real eye-catcher: detailed gears, mechanically linked components and an appealing precise drawing style the app stand out from the competition. While the live background on older devices yet supple and a seconds display is also integrated. The big picture makes a very nice impression, and the inside also because the interlocking gears to deliver a realistic pattern of movement a watch is actually very similar to watch. With some effects, you may customize the appearance here: colors can be changed continuously for individual items and additional background images are on board. You may use your own photos behind the analog clock.

Powerhouse in terms of functions

For the price of €1.00 allows the app the Pro version to load saved color schemes and the advertising bar of the free version disappear with her also. There also are some features to pay: so the size can be continuously regulated, there is an alternate layout for the landscape and side scrolling moves the view of watches.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Hypno clock live wallpaper

This live wallpaper on the homescreen that you may customize quite freely in the free version puts a detailed mechanical watch.

English, free of charge

Awesome country live too


Less art, more natural is the motto of the awesome country live too. The app looks really spiffy despite their crimes against the German grammar.

In the knee-high grass, a bushy sapling in the wild stands at this live wallpaper. While subtle and atmospheric colors create a charming ambiance, fireflies dance confused by the image and again emerge the silhouettes of susceptible birds on the horizon.Awesome country live too has some scenes on board, many of which are available free of charge. So the appearance for various times of the day can be differently illuminated, which appears particularly sky and meadows in glorious color compositions. The “live” element of the background is but manageable: there are not seeing major grasses or branches shaken by the wind. Missing we don’t have such extras but: the developers have proved a lucky hand in the color matching.

Optional winter mode

Somewhat annoying: The free version switches like intrusive advertising videos, if one drives around in the options. Stop with the Pro version at the price of €4.49 but, also a few new scenes are unlocked with this. In keeping with the season the app offers a winter mode, which is also available in the free version.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app awesome country live too

With this subtly animated background of live feeds a magnificent panorama of nature on your Smartphone. The scene can be varied light itself.

English, free of charge

SwampWater live wallpaper

With the SwampWater live wallpaper, it is swampy on your Smartphone. The live background brings a small micro universe to life.

Silt, mud, bacilli: As a swamp is not necessarily among the most spots of the great outdoors. NeverthelessSwampWater live wallpaper brings it to life on your Android device: A green-grey morass full of small crawling creatures. If you now always have the read, the free download is maybe not a bad idea: the live background which comes with smooth and realistic animation and allows you to customize the something disgusting and green color scheme. On the home screen, you have always the impression to be the microorganisms of the Earth on the track with the microscope. While amoebae, viruses, worms, and many Kleinsttiere others (very unhealthy published) apparently celebrate the party of a lifetime, the live background animated in detail to the real eye catcher blossomed.

Not for everyone

Who suffers from mysophobia, should give a wide berth to this app: the live background sets several realistic animated micro-organisms scenes in the picture.While small worms rapidly shoot through the image, thicker contemporaries with countless tiny body hairs have to laboriously drag through the swamp soup. You can watch admiringly – or fight with the nausea.

Conclusion to the test of the live wallpaper Android app SwampWater

With this live wallpaper, a way skyheroes paddling pool microbes on the homescreen.That sounds uninviting, but gorgeous.

English, free of charge

Earth live wallpaper

Tribute to the home planet: Earth live wallpaper brings a detailed Earth including magnificent play of light on the homescreen.

With Earth live wallpaper , the homescreen is the window into space. This right in the picture: the blue planet in all its splendor. Details here not saved: the surface topography is evident, oceans seem authentic and is a realistic lights of nighttime lighting on the Sun side. The sunlight keeps popping the blue ball in enchanting colors and can be adjusted in the settings generously. Even the atmosphere was considered: clouds move independently across the Earth’s surface and put the finishing touches to the appearance. Whoever wants to can show also the Moon, there are extra effects for Santa Claus, meteorites, and even UFOs. Also the other planets of the solar system were not forgotten when wiping and scrolling, the planet rotates with reliable and zoom functions are also on board. Also nice: whom the universe is too dark or boring, which may use an own background and place the 3D-Erde simply.

Hardly any permissions and no advertising

A praise to the developers: no nonsensical permissions are required at the Earth live wallpaper, we must not look at still advertising it. The options here give a lot: we may make adjustments to the light to customize such as color or position of the light source in the room as well as show a clock and vary many details about Sun, Moon and stars.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Earth live wallpaper

Nice design, many details and lots of options make this free and ad-free live wallpaper to one of the most beautiful of its kind.

German-speaking, free

Koi live wallpaper free


Koi live wallpaper free makes the homescreen to the Aquarium by a small group of cheerful koi feeds on your Android device.

Aquariums are expensive, time-consuming maintenance and who has seen “Finding Nemo”, would deprive the small fin animals anyway, hardly its freedom. No problem, fish friends this app get simply: Koi live wallpaper free comes with a beautifully decorated virtual aquarium and fills it with the so called “Nishikigoi”, or short just Koi.This breeding of carp is good especially to look at, you may find that as well for the app: the cheerful little fin animals quickly create a soothing and stylish ambiance on the homescreen. Thanks to landscape mode support, the whole also on the Tablet looks spiffy, the fish react to swipe gestures and even to feed by double-tapping. The free version not on Board has only settings.

Pro version at a fair price

€1.19 is the full version of the app in the store. She will unlock a whole range of options then. Users can manage your own fish stocks, select alternative wallpapers and switch to rain effects. Also little extras such as water lilies or delicate flowers can be activated and parental controls makes it impossible to secretly use the Smartphone or Tablet about the young.

Conclusion to the test of the Android app Koi live wallpaper free

A chic live background full of tranquillity, serenity and delicate fish. Options and many extras are here but reserved for the pay version.

German-speaking, free