The Pixel and Pixel XL System Images Are Filtered: Already Have New APK Pixel Launcher

The known LlabTooFeR, behind some of the juiciest HTC leaks has surprised us with his latest revelation: a complete filtration of the system images both Google Pixel Google Pixel XL.

As user these images do not serve you basically for nothing since them you can not Flash on other devices, but open the door so that all kinds of developers begin to rummage in your content and extract the useful that it can be extended to other devices. Let us remember that there are several “exclusive” functions for the Google Pixel that they would not receive even the Nexus, and now is when first-hand will see how exclusive is, for example, the Pixel Launcher.

At the moment, they have already extracted Pixel Launcher

LlabTooFeR website is falling at the moment, which could be an indication of the success of the filtration, although both images of system are available in Mega as you can find in the news of XDA-Developers. They have a size of 1.39 GB.

It is still early to see the full impact of this filtering, and is that there are many developers who are currently tinkering with its content, for example, trying to run the wizard on other devices. It will take a couple of days to see what comes out of all this, but at the moment the first extract itself is an old acquaintance, Pixel Launcher.

It is on this occasion of the version 7.1-3231428 and overall has no major changes regarding versions leaked previously. Rather otherwise, does not have any visible change, however we have noticed.

As you can see in the above screenshots, this Pixel Launcher does not include support for the round icons that were in the Pixel presented at society and does not have a launcher shortcuts. We do not know if these functions depend on other packages or simply these system images not yet have the final pitcher, even though in theory they are recent then include the October security fix.

Other developers comment on XDA be working – with greater or lesser success – in bring the devices Nexus Assistant with Nougat, so it is possible that we will have more news regarding this soon.