The Turbo without Tail

A small slot can make a big difference. USB dongles are all very well, but they are not particularly attractive. We try to surf stylish with integrated turbo-3 g.

Out on the town, it has become common with portable computers that look like big mousetraps. On the side of the folded computers is a dead mouse in a plastic tail. But if you don’t think it’s particularly delicious to look like a Mouser while browsing around town, you can get the turbo 3 g without having to hang on the extra gadgets. The solution is to get a computer with space for a SIM card, built-in 3 g, in other words.

It has talked about laptops with built-in 3 g for a few years and now it has surfaced models from many of the major manufacturers. Mobile collected three different types, a consumer model from LG and two aiming at the business market, a sleek from Fujitsu Siemens and a hefty screen from Dell.

We have been going by train, Metro, bus, sat on the couch and on a park bench and checked the mail, news and youtube. And sure enough, it works fine, as long as you live where there is coverage in the 3 g network.

Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook S6410

Fujitsu Siemens computer is clearly the most backpacker-friendly in the test. It’s not ultraportable and super slim, but is the size of a normal laptop. But the weight of under two kilos enable it feels easy to carry around. The shape is quite angular and austere, and it gives the impression of being solid when you look at it. VGA connector is hidden behind a door and connectors and card readers on the pages is not visible, it gives your computer a stylish expression when it is folded on the table. The base is built of dark gray plastic and the lid in matt black plastic that quickly get traces of greasy fingerprints when I have carried around on it for a while.

When you lift the lid turns out a light gray keyboard surrounded by aluminum similar plastic. Lid glides up smoothly without having to hold in the body, a nice detail. The screen is framed by a matt black edge. The cover containing the screen are muslin, take hold of the top corners and drag some of them bowing to screen a lot. This does not affect the image and is probably more durable than a just dumb screen.

Even though the cover is thin, has managed to squeeze in a webcam at the top which will do good to run video conferences with the screen is shiny and gives good picture. It’s just slightly recessed into the lid, it means that there will be no sharp edge in the outer part of the screen, I think it gives the feeling that the screen is a little bigger than what it really is.

The keyboard doesn’t offer any surprises, maybe feel the buttons a bit dumb to press, I prefer the buttons are a bit softer. In addition, clatters the a lot of writing, a small detail that pulls down the feel a little bit for me.


Under the keyboard sits the trackpad, it is also shallow and are easily accessible. Sometimes a little too easy, a common problem when writing on the laptop is that it’s easy to accidentally get the trackpad, move the cursor and suddenly be and write someone completely else in the text.

During the plate sits a right and a left button, between them sits a fingerprint reader that can be used for logging, but personally I prefer password above finger scanner. Above the screen sits four buttons whose function is to adapt, with a tap, you can start, for example, the media player or mail program.

I like that they have chosen to keep the back free of connections, it is easy to access everything you need in the pages of the front edge of the computer. Three usb Sockets and ethernet on the sides, in the forefront are headphone and microphone. A bonus next to the pc card slot is an infrared port that can be used to send data. It also has bluetooth, of course, that may seem more viable when to sync phones or send files to other computers nearby. There is also a port on the bottom to dock the computer to a desktop unit when you come in to work.

The computer comes with Windows Vista Business, where the usual Windows programs like Media Player, Mail, and Calendar of course included. Then sends the Fujitsu Siemens with some small additional software. The most important thing for this test is the 3 g Watcher that helps you to connect to the 3 g network. When you been tinkering in your SIM card under the battery, simply start the application and press connect, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds, and you’re connected.

I am testing with Telia in downtown Stockholm, sometimes it says HSDPA in the small screen, that is, turbo 3 g, sometimes it is just 3 g and sometimes it says UMTS. It’s hard to notice any difference between how fast it goes with the different connections. A small mast with a couple of bars next to the signal strength display. There is also a gauge that tells you how much data you sent and received, it may be helpful to keep track so that you don’t get a shock when the bill arrives at the surf break down in your mailbox.

LG E300

An HDMI connector on this page reveals that the E300 is aimed at the consumer market. This jar can also be used in addition to the benefits of pleasure by plugging it into the tv and watch movies. The shiny lid is the first thing that captures your attention, it’s plenty shiny on a low, dense grid pattern. It’s neat when it comes fresh out of the box with after a few hours on the desktop and a turn in the bag so it is not as nicely with dust, small tears and finger grooves. Do you want to keep a blank computer stylish, you must be f with the Super and get a soft case to protect it. The bottom is black, and around the edge, a silvery plastic rim that fits together with the edges of the keyboard.

When looking at the computer from the top, it looks pretty small, but one look from this page reveals that it is quite thick. The weight is only a treat bag chips, or 300 grams, the greater is the Fujitsu Siemens computer, but combined with the slightly thicker shape makes it feel a bit clumsier than Fujitsun.

In addition to the HDMI connector, there are three usb connectors, VGA and ethernet on one side, on the other side sits just a dvd player. On the front are the memory card reader and headphone and microphone. LG is also holding back clean from contacts in addition to the power outlet, it makes it easy to access to plug in and disconnect all accessories.

Then we lift the lid and you will find a black keyboard, framed by the silvrade plastic, I think it looks great, others think it looks a bit bored out with black keys. In any case, they usually stay stylish without being yellow, as bright keys usually do. If you are tinkering away all sticker located under the keyboard, you’ll also get a nicer computer.

Although blessed with a HDMI output, there is no completely buttons to control the media player, it doesn’t surprise me a bit. If you connect the computer to the tv and will use it to watch movies, it may be convenient to have some controls with physical buttons to make it easy to get the whole thing.

Would you watch the video, the screen of course particularly important and the glossy screen is good and it is possible to watch even in an oblique angle from this page if you are many who crowded in front of the box. But it’s pretty dark around, otherwise it will be very disruptive reflections. It is also seen when I’m sitting outside on a bench in the Sun and surf, or if there is light behind the work, such as a window, behind your back. Then it feels as though the screen is a mirror and you have to angle the screen so that the reflectors are minimized.

Under the keys sitting touchpad is a bit in the smallest team, I think that a slightly wider plate had given better comfort. It gets a bit tight to get to it easily when you sit and write. Under is a toggle that is both right and left in the same. It is of course a matter of taste but I still prefer the buttons are separated, I happen to periodically right-click though I don’t want it.

Above the screen sits a small camera and looking you in the eye. It brings us into the software. LG Smart Cam is a small application that lets you take photos and videos with the built-in camera. There will be no great self portraits but it works well for video conferencing. You’ll also find the program 3 g Watcher program helps to connect you, keep track of traffic and send text messages, no fuss. LG also sends its own software for setting the power management features, and a CD with software for dvd burning. Your computer comes with Vista Home Premium.

Dell Latitude D830

Laptops that are perceived as clumsy is often called a little derogatory for trailer only. And of course with the D830, it has a big screen at 15.4 inches and weighs a kilo more than Fujitsu Siemens. trailer only is a little well too bad I think, but it sure is annoying when you can’t get zip my computer backpack without using mild violence. Now it is, of course, the price you pay, it is not possible to get a larger screen without your entire computer is growing and Dell is of course smaller models than the D830. The big advantage is that it is much more comfortable to work in front of a larger screen.

D830 is ruggedly built with more metal than plastic in the chassis. In the product information sheet can also read that it is built to withstand that hang on the trip. It also contributes to increase in importance. But it’s nice having a notebook that feels like it can withstand some. If you look closely at the graphite grey lid so there are some small scratches but the color and the material means that they become almost invisible. And even if I use the lid as a napkin and wipe his hands after lunch it shows not a trace of fingers. Minimal maintenance to have a computer that looks fresh in other words.

Dell shows off a clean front, all connections are on the edges or the back. And there are plenty of contacts. Two usb, firewire, headphone, microphone and slots on the sides. Hidden behind include VGA, ethernet, more usb, s-video, serial port, and a telephone contact for the internal modem. On the bottom is also an outlet to dock to a screen or desktop computer. Connectivity is therefore nothing wrong with.


In the up position exposed a large screen and a black keyboard, framed by gray in different shades. If you like pastels and bright colors, you risk being depressed, the only color clique is the little blue navelpluppen that sits in the middle of the keys. It is, of course, a small track stick or whatever they are called. I have never been friends with that solution, I had a portable long ago where agwnblog2 fell away and after that I have not used the solution. And I have a little trouble getting it to work well. Once I set it to be moderately sensitive to slipping I still constantly by your finger even though it has a grainy, rubbery surface. I prefer to use touchpad below, just the right size with two large buttons below makes it easy to meet the right. Above the keys sits three buttons to control volume and mute it entirely, otherwise it is empty of physical controls.

This model has a matte screen that gives less reflections than the other two in the test. At the same time, I feel that it doesn’t feel quite as sharp as the others because of this. The picture is also not quite as good when looking from the side of the screen. But the biggest advantage, of course, is the size, it’s simply more comfortable with a larger screen. I watch a movie and the picture is really good with nice depth and great colors.

Your computer comes with Vista Ultimate and the software included in addition to the Windows package is just Dell’s 3 g applications. They don’t use 3 g Watcher, but has its own program with the delicious name Dell Mobile Broadband Card Utility. But it looks and works like the other program with the connection, monitoring and sms.


The nice thing with built-in slot for SIM card is that you do not need to obtain any peripherals. It is enough to remove the card from your phone and insert it into the computer to be able to hook you up. You don’t need no extra subscription if you do not want to have sim card seated in the PC level. It is also possible to have a prepaid card in your computer if you want to have it as a stopgap measure.

Speed depends of course on the coverage and it varies strongly. On the train to Uppsala from Stockholm can sometimes really fast to just be horrible slow. But I left the connection all the time, it never dies.

Big cities teeming with wireless networks and of course it’s preferable if you want to surf fast. But most networks is locked or cost money to use. With 3 g connectivity, you become independent of having a network nearby. I have wireless networks at home and at work so I don’t need 3 g surfing. But on the road in between, or at a coffee shop, or on a train ride, it is absolutely perfect.

The computers in the test ports in a very evenly overall rating, they all have their strengths and weaknesses, it is important to consider how and to what you will be using your computer. But I think that if you really want to be able to surf with 3 g, it is probably because you are moving a lot and need to use the computer at many different locations. Then it is good to invest in a computer that doesn’t weigh too much and doesn’t take too much space. Do you have a workplace where you sit a lot, it may be easier to obtain a larger external monitor to connect to when you sit and work. Then you will not have to carry around a lot of extra weight when you’re out and about. But do you feel that a large screen is necessary for you, it is just to bite the bullet and get a nice bag that doesn’t take tough on the shoulders.

Programs to manage the 3 g connection is almost identical. They are very easy to get started, all you need to do is to key in your PIN and start browsing. It also includes a program to send and receive sms and you can access the contacts you have stored on the sim card. The only downside if you use your regular phone cards, of course, is that you can’t receive calls. But it is very easy to read and send sms from a full-size keyboard.

I have been surprised by the smoothness during the test. Videos on Youtube is no problem when I have turbo access, both audio and video flows without problems. Major home pages take a while to load, and sure it can be stressful if you’re used to a 100 megabit network. But if you take it with the row so it becomes really enjoyable to be able to connect at any time.

The advantage of an external usb stick for 3 g reception, of course, is that you don’t have to buy a new computer to be able to surf with 3 g. But if you are looking to buy a new laptop so it may be worthwhile to take a think about whether it also should have space for a SIM card, a feature that is becoming increasingly useful as the turbo reception is expanded in the country.


Fujitsu Siemens S6410

No knock-outseger if you look at the overall rating. But S6410 is still just a bit sharper than the other two. It takes home the victory through the low weight and the smooth format, something that becomes more important in this test when we assume that the laptop should hang anywhere, then it becomes important that it is not too heavy or bulky. With good battery life steps forward as victors in a S6410 otherwise level test.