The Ultimate Protection for Your iPad 2

Protective pouch made of ultra resistant material with a smooth surface, ideal for protection of your device against damage and scratching. This ultra thin pouch is designed to adapt to the design of your iPad 2 and can be used together with the original Apple Smart Cover (not included in package). This gives your device maximum protection. Etuierne from Puro has the same colors as the original Apple Smart Covers and are characteristic for their cylindrically shaped Puro logo in matching colors.

Krusell Coco cover provides both impressive style and protection for your tablet. This iPad 2 accessories have a tough polycarbonate case with a stylish finish in an attractive design. It can easily be mounted on the device and removed if desired. This case is coated with a soft rubber material. It protects the iPad 2. and at the same time makes it easy to take the unit out and in. Krusell Coco is designed specifically for iPhone 2, and you can be sure that it fits perfectly. It also comes with handie carved holes for all ports, buttons and camera, so you can easily use all of the features.

with an iPad 2 Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Stasis bag you can place your iPad 2 for optimum field of vision while playing or watching movies. This bag holds your device securely protected. It is the perfect protection and is a functional Accessories for the iPad 2. This amazing bag also includes the Tuff-Luvs last “Stasis” to put your iPad 2 automatically on sleepmode when not in use, so you can easily save the battery when you’re on the go.