There Will Be Two New Iphones 10. September?

Today we write about the latest rumors regarding the launch of the new iPhone model (or two new models?). We’ve gathered the latest rumors about the upcoming iPhone models from Apple. According to AllThingsD, Apple will introduce two new iPhones on at an event the 10. September – an updated version of the iPhone 5, which probably will be called iPhone 5S, as well as a mid-range model billg, what price are concerned. Both telephones will run with the latest operating system from Apple – iOS 7.

What can we expect from the new iPhone models?

According to rumors, Apple will launch a cheap iPhone, which will get the name iPhone 5 c, while the sequel to the iPhone 5 will get the name iPhone 5S. Rumors also say that the mark “C” points to the cheap version of the iPhone will be available in several different colors (like iPod touch 5 g) and the “C” stands for “color”. iPhone 5 will probably be made of plastic. Some sources say that the cheap version won’t be so cheap even.

When it comes to iPhone 5S, is the rumor that attracts the most attention, as it says that the top model may have a fingerprint scanner. The location of the fingerprint scanner will require a completely new design and many analysts believe that it is for this reason that Apple will change the design on the iPhone 5 and change the position of the home button.

Apple smartphone

Another important thing that is mentioned is the NFC, and it is likely that iPhone 5S will have both NFC and fingerprint scanner.

When it comes to the camera, we can expect that the top model gets a 12-or 13-megapixel main camera with “nightshot”, which means that it will give better images in low light conditions.