This Is The New Symbol That You Will Know If a MicroSD Is Suitable to Install Apps

MicroSD cards are an essential element for many Android users whose devices do not have a large enough memory for your needs. However, this support is typically used more to store multimedia files from the camera or messaging apps and other documents, not applications.

From Android 6.0 it is possible to format the MicroSD as internal storage using the Adoptable Storage option and move apps to the card, but depending on the speed of the card read/write, the result can be somewhat disappointing. Now the SD Association has created a new standard that we can know which cards are suitable for installing apps.

A symbol out of doubt

The SD Association is the group that is responsible for the supervision of the specifications for SD and MicroSD memory cards and in its final document, which corresponds to the specification 5.1, detailed a new system whereby consumers We will have it easier when choosing a MicroSD our phone.

Through the integration of the symbol that appears on these lines, we will know if the MicroSD which we buy is ready to run applications smoothly. On the left appears the short with a simple symbol A1 version, while the long version also has the text “App Performance”.

Minimum requirements of the new standard SD 5.1

This new standard specifications require that the card in question offer a speed of 1500 (IOPS) reading and writing at least 500, as well as a sequential performance of 10 MB per second. All those cards that meet or exceed these requirements will have the A1 label.

If you are using the MicroSD mainly for storing multimedia files and documents, you will not need a unit so quickly, but if you plan to move apps to the memory card, to use one of these cards you should be able to enjoy a experience more fluid and stable.

According to the SD Association, the use of this type of cards is not limited to smartphones and tablets, If this new standard “may be adjusted in any type of application that can benefit from improved performance”.