This Spring’s Top Models Will Not Support Google’s VR-Standard

This spring’s top models is probably not good enough to live up to the requirements of Google’s Daydream-standard for a good virtual reality experience.

At the Google i/o event two weeks ago, Google announced the so-called Daydream-standard or rating, which is a stamp that will be used for Android smartphones to indicate that they meet a number of stringent requirements, which are set in order to be able to run virtual reality technology from smartphones to be satisfactory.

The requirements include, among other things, the phone’s processor, graphics chip, sensors and display panel, and these must be in absolutely top class, before Google would classify a smartphone as being suitable to deliver a good virtual reality experience through Android.

Where high demands are set, is not yet known, and there has been uncertainty about whether virtual reality in ‘ Daydream-quality ‘ will be supported by all the latest top models such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, Huawei P9, HTC 10, Sony Xperia X Performance, ASUS ZenFone 3 and, not least, the coming phones like the Moto Z and OnePlus 3.

It throws Google’s head of virtual reality, Clay Bavor, now light on, which comes with bad news for owners of some of the above top models. It does not seem that they are equipped with the necessary specifications to be able to live up to the enormous high requirements set by Google in order to be able to give the best experience in the virtual, immersive 3D world.

“I can inform you that there most likely will not be any Daydrem-clear phones with retroactive effect. We will keep the bar very high for the quality and for that to happen, all of the components have to be perfectly in order. I would therefore say to VR-fans: wait a few months to get your next phone … and get a Daydream-ready phone, “ he tells to RoadtoVR.

You must therefore not make you hope to be able to use, for example, a Samsung Galaxy S7, along with its corresponding Gear VR headset in ‘ Daydream’-mode, when the top model will one day be upgraded to Android N.

On the other hand, can be seen the first Daydream-compatible smartphone probably first, when HTC in collaboration with Google launches the two rygtede Nexus phones. It will most likely happen at the end of 3. quarter, when Android N is released in its finished form.