Three Phones with 8 Megapixel

Eight megapixels gives great pictures, but there is much else that also affect how good the images are. You will see big differences between the Sony Ericsson C905, Samsung Innov8, and LG KC910 Renoir.

Eight megapixel means big pictures, according to the ad. Advertising is completely real. The only number of megapixels really says anything about is how large the picture is. But how good the picture is determined by the image sensor (the equivalent of the movie in an old standard camera), Flash, auto focus and a lot of other things. All of this shows clearly when we start testing and drill down on how images actually get.

However, we are beginning to look at the different camera mobiles settings and features.

Settings and operation

Function in a normal camera without phone is often very right up. Mobile phone makers have a harder task because the camera functions should be combined with everything from gps to browser, messages, and so of course the phone.

In our lineup with the eight mobiles megapixel that are on the market now is the LG Renoir is the only one who has a touchscreen. In camera path, it means that the screen is acting both viewfinder and manages all settings at the same time. The menu comes up right away and hide parts of the screen and click through directly with your finger between the various options and settings. The touch screen makes the Renoir can serve the most used buttons for settings directly, but where is it different not really against the competition for even the have quick buttons next to the screen.


Sony Ericsson C905 has in addition to the charms of the four-way controller also shortcuts on the other side of the screen and provides the fastest access to all the settings without forcing me into the menus. Samsung has shortcuts in fyrvägssknappen but also in the keypad with numbers. Unfortunately the overlap so you will still have to enter and scroll through the menus sometimes. Lens cap in Samsung Innov8 is the best and it is of course important for a mobile that you always have with you. The Innov8 is completely automatic. It opens when the camera application is activated and it closes when it ends, or when the phone goes into sleep, very smooth and slick. With the C905 from Sony Ericsson, to handle lens cover manual, as well as in the LG Renoir.

Renoir has a lens cap that pivots up and simultaneously starts the camera function. We’ll check into functions there are some tomfoolery. Such is the Beauty Shot feature, which is said to fix the imperfections in portraits and making the subjects more beautiful, but it’s hard to see anything in the image results.

Otherwise, you’ll find pretty much the same features on three of these mobile cameras. Macro mode and Flash each photo light are features that we come in on a bit later in the test when we examine how images are. A fun detail when taking pictures is if the camera can use built-in GPS for pointing out on a map where the photo was taken. C905 has the advantage that the phone can see on map (Google Maps) where the photo was taken, but where and in both the other phone is stored position even in the image file. Your photos are placed correctly on the map if you upload the file to, for example, Flickr or Panoramio, both of which are Web sites where you can upload and view their pictures.

Something that can simplify when to see the pictures if the camera is capable to turn them right directly. The images taken in portrait and landscape pictures will appear portrait will be lying. Samsung Innov8 do not turn pictures right on your own but you must manage it manually in the phone or computer. C905 and Renoir, in contrast, detects and adjusts automatically.


If you want to easily share their photos offers a variety of opportunities. Samsung provides the most opportunities and has collaborated with the little add-on Shozu which comes pre-installed on the Innov8. When started it can send up both image and video to most sites you can imagine, including Flickr, Youtube, Blogger, and a bunch of others. Sony Ericsson has its cooperation with Blogger and C905 can very easily both upload and create their blog. In addition to Blogger-shortcut, you can also add the C905 any site when accessed by your photos via mms. A convenient choice if the Blogger is not favorite website, but a pity that mms at the same time make photos boring small (and washes away geotaggningen).

Score settings and function

LG KC910 Renoir3

Samsung Innov8 5

Sony Ericsson C9054

The dark photo

Pictures taken when lighting conditions are not the best is still an effective way to separate mobile cameras ‘ masters of half-measures. Distinctions can be made at several levels. In theory it should the cameras with real Flash perform better than those with just a photo lamp. In the test can be seen directly to such as Innov8 with photo light requires more of the photographer than the C905 which has a proper xenon flash. Because Photo light must shine for a while and is not as direct as the Flash requires a steady hand. In the test images are felt very real to Innov8 do not get as sharp pictures which just Sony Ericsson C905. Otherwise, both of these images are good. Color reproduction is good and it is really only when you look at the details that you see the major differences.

Sony Ericsson C905

A detailed assessment is needed, however, not to impose darkness pictures from LG Renoir. Here, we’ve noticed that Flash is not necessarily better than photo lamp. It is as much about how it is used. In the Renoir results in a range of blixtanvändandet unwanted effects. Color reproduction is rarely realistic. Instead, it often becomes the colors too blue, or the subjects closest to camera is pitted and almost completely white. At least significantly, it will be here when the subject is a pair, maybe 3-4 metres away, but then does not the Flash in particular very useful in his mission to illuminate.

In comparison, then, is the Flash in C905 considerably better than the person sitting in the Renoir and this is what makes the C905 takes home the victory in the match if the picture in the dark.

Score of darkness

LG KC910 Renoir2

Samsung Innov8 4

Sony Ericsson C9055

Close ups

In the extreme close-ups, see those little details that we don’t always notice with the naked eye. In practical terms, so is Renoir from LG the furthest to get close-ups. When taking these pictures, you have to be careful and make sure that the phone really focusing right. Some find it difficult when you come very close and then you simply have to back off and make sure the box in screen really turns green and not red. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to keep the phone enough still while the camera is focusing.

Sony Ericsson C905

The pictures here show on some interesting surprises. It turned out that the Samsung Innov8 had difficulty getting to the focus and went on strike several times, even though it backs. Indeed, the image becomes a little fuzzy as well, the drops on the mug. Renoir has been to focus better, but where is the colour rendition has become worse. Look for example at the edge between mug and grass so have the mug a a Halo that shines out of the grass. And of course, it is a phenomenon that is not at all existed in reality when the picture was taken.

C905 can handle macro image best. The image has good clarity, both in the grass closest to the mug and the drops that settled over the surface of mug. In fact, while Renoir can handle drops of good, which was also the part of the image that the focus was put on. Samsung, which succeeded the worst also showed some problems in actual photo opportunity. It took a long time for your phone to find focus and yet the outcome was therefore not very good.

Score Close Ups

LG KC910 Renoir3

Samsung Innov8 2

Sony Ericsson C9055


This with photos taken outside in daylight, most cameras. Sure, it may be different in everything from color fidelity to detail, but it is rarely as disastrous results that can be intimidated by when we look at the mobile camera photos taken in the dark.

Sony Ericsson C905

First I should like to point out that the photos were taken when most colors in nature seemed to be missing. Although it is possible to read from a lot of the images that come from these three mobile cameras. Even more gray than reality, where are the photos of Renoir. Detaljstuderar to the image so you can see not only that much of the colors that were been precariously grey, it has also affected the level of detail. The houses on the other side of the water, for example, has a tendency to disappear in what most seems to be a grey mush.

More realistic color reproduction we find in the photo from the C905 which consequently means that the detail and the difference between different colors also become clearer where Renoir find it difficult to discern details.

Innov8 has a little blue tone in their image, but despite that, taken as a whole, a cleaner picture with brighter colors. This is also possible again in detail where it is really needed and it takes Innov8 home this victory.

Score Of Landscape

LG KC910 Renoir3

Samsung Innov8 5

Sony Ericsson C9054

LG KC910 Renoir

As the camera is LG a little, but otherwise has Renoir other qualities. The screen is touch-sensitive is the most obvious and interface, so the look of the menus and functions which are well adapted. It is no problem to control this phone using just your fingers as it is intended. Get the iron on the foot when it comes to stills can handle it much better when it comes to video, both viewing and recording. Video recording provides a special professional impression, partly in view of the high resolution that Renoir can save the film in, but also of course to the screen is large enough to make the film truly enjoyable.


Samsung Innov8

Innov8 is undoubtedly an impressive mobile, the most qualified of the three and it’s a steady fight as Innov8 will receive the silver medal.

With operating system Symbian S60, which otherwise mostly sitting in the Nokia smarthones, Innov8 a wide and solid foundation to grow from. It also has most of the features you can think of, so that the system has the prerequisites to make use of all the technology under the skin to something fun and good. This is not only the turbo-3 g connection but also the wlan and so the gps to find the right. Instead of the Nokia Maps Nokia sends with is Route 66 ready to guide you to the right place.

Only drawback with Samsung Innov8 is actually that it cannot take advantage of the small programs such as Nokia themselves made.


Winner: Sony Ericsson C905

It has not only the where famous eight megapixels. They make the images you take can appear large on both paper and on screen, but the C905 has more features which makes it a good camera phone. A new feature is called Smart contrast. On some occasions, for example when it is a little dark and gray out, can the function really highlight the colors that are available. However, it is not a fail-proof solution, for at least as often, the image is instead worse, paler, so you get to try out.

In the test speak anyway the pictures its clear language. By mobile cameras today with eight megapixel C905 is the one who takes the best pictures.