Thus Operate in The BlackBerry Classic Keyboard Shortcuts

Once known price and product, turn to teach us things that we do not know or expect to see running on the BlackBerry Classic. One of them are the shortcuts on the keyboard.

Taking advantage of so much physical key, and recalling the possibilities afforded us models like the BlackBerry Bold, the Canadian company has created a long list of accesses, that occur with a long press on a key.

For example, by pressing the “B” long, opens the web browser. It also has the ability to create your own shortcuts. We are going to see it in operation:

The known list of accesses:

  • Browser – B
  • Write a message – C
  • Open the weather app – W
  • Calculator – U
  • BBM – N
  • Lock phone – K
  • Silence notifications – Q
  • Go into settings – or
  • Open events – to
  • Launch support – H

There are other accesses within applications, such as the use of “B” and “T” to move to the beginning or end of a document or web. When you write text, typing “mypin”, “mynumber”, “LT”, “LD”, they will be replaced automatically by our pin, phone number, time, and date, respectively.

We remind you that BlackBerry Classic goes on sale in Canada and the United States on December 17, at a price of 450 dollars. We had a kind of sunset on the day of the Bold with touch screen of 3.5 inches and BlackBerry 10.