Tissot Launches Its First Connected Solar Watch

The connected watch market looks may stagnate right now, or even choke… Thus, companies specializing in this area must renew, innovate, and offer goods and services increasingly efficient. Tissot was thus launched to conquer the better battery life for its new show smart and connected. Presentation of this new little jewel.

Tissot in the Race For Battery

The Swiss company specialized in watches has decided to investigate the existential issue that is a problem for all watches connected market: their autonomy.

So how to address the need the more primary? Tissot has decided to undertake a concept to watch having a battery with unlimited range. How is this possible? Using one of the inexhaustible and renewable energy: solar energy.

This watch will therefore compete with the most famous watches in the market as Apple Watch or watches Samsung or LG offering never more than one or two days of autonomy.

Tissot Launches Its First Connected and Solar Watch

This smart watch named ‘ Tissot Smart Touch ‘ and works so thanks to an innovative technology consisting of solar collectors, or rather micro solar cells arranged on any part of the watch display. The loading of the watch can be way continues.

The Watch has a titanium frame and a glass in Sapphire Crystal planned to be a effective anti-glare. It is waterproof up to 100 meters deep, a pretty amazing feature.

It works exactly like the other connected watches currently available on the market, because its features are synchronized with the smartphone which will be combined. It will allow you to notify you of information through alerts, the applications available are few and she won’t activity tracker…

Level design and aesthetics, we find the Swiss dough. Someone something simple, but still quite light and massive. She has nothing feminine and therefore would not suit a fine handful of woman.

The smart watch Tissot Smart Touch will be released before the end of this year, and its price will be around $ 1,100 (981 euros) and $ 1,200 (1070 euros)… a cost to be taken into account for this Swiss quality watch with very few interesting features. His only great and unique asset is having endless battery life, which will probably allow you to avoid a lot of galleys.

A Smart Watch With Other Gadgets

To compensate for its lack of features compared to the other smart watches, Tissot has decided to launch its product in the wake of other gadgets: a compass, an alarm, a chronometer, weather data… You can also geotag permanently any she object with your watch and a ‘ Find It ‘ sensor that can be set anywhere: a set of keys, a wallet etc. You can finally find your route home through your smart watch Smart Touch.


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