Top 5 Pocket Books for the iPhone 5/5S

When it comes to Apple phones, the market is really flooded with various products. iPhone Wallet cases are among the most popular cases for all models and this is why we have chosen to present the top 5 iPhone 5/5S pocket book-cases (all these bags are available on our website).

Pocket Book Case for iPhone

Here are some benefits of using Pocket Book-cases for your iPhone:

These bags are usually made of leather, which gives them a stylish appearance

provides comprehensive protection, acts as a pocket book with pockets for credit cards or money usually has a smart closing mechanism that ensures that your phone is well in place

most of them provide easy access to all the ports on your phone

And here are the best cases of this type:

1. Moshi Overture

iPhone 5S pocket book from Moshi

3 pockets for cards, opening for the camera, has a washable microfibre cloth to the screen. Available in black and red.

2. PDair iPhone 5S Wallet

White iPhone 5/5S pocket book

Refined, sophisticated, elegant and very practical! Looks like a real diary, with horizontal opening, can be used with a cover for iPhone 5S.

3. Sena Wallet Book for iPhone 5S/5

SENA leather case for iPhone 5S/5

Safe shutdown, transparent ID pocket, access to all the ports on the iPhone, hand-crafted in premium leather.

4. Zenus Masstige Color Points Diary leather case

Zenus leather pouch for iPhone 5S

Have different pockets for the storage of driver’s license, ID card, etc. Special openings makes it possible to have conversations while the phone is in the pocket book.

5. Norêve Tradition B

Noreve Tradition B pocket book for iPhone 5S

This case is hand-crafted in premium leather, has 2 practical pockets and a handy rack on the back.

On you will find these cases, as well as many other models.