TP-LINK UH700 Hub – 7 Port USB 3.0

TP-LINK presents its all new USB 3.0 HUB that allow simultaneously connect up to 7 USB devices. The HUB UH720, meanwhile, offers 2 ports to load.

The UH700 USB HUB and the HUB USB UH720 allow to extend the possibilities of connections of your computer when you need to simultaneously connect several devices such as external drives, mouse, a printer… With the UH720 USB HUB you can also, load up two mobile devices through its two dedicated additional ports.

The UH720 model has a smart chip that detects the needs of connected devices and automatically adjusts the capacity of each of the ports to optimize load speeds. They can provide up to 2.4 A to simultaneously charge two mobile devices including tablets or MP3 players. Ports USB 3.0 of the UH700 and the UH720 offer speeds close to 5Gbps, which make them ideal for fast transfers of data between any PC or Mac computer and the USB devices that are connected.

The UH700 and UH720 have multiple protections that avoid all damage to devices connected: whether during a recharge or transfer of data, no risk of short circuits, overvoltage, overcurrent or overheating. Both models are powered by an AC adapter and provide a ready to use operation by simply plugging the USB HUB to the USB port of a computer and a power outlet. To limit power consumption of these devices they have a power on/off button has a status LED.

The UH700 USB HUB and the HUB USB UH720 are available at the respective price of €59 and €69.