Trick: Play Snake in (Almost) Any YouTube Video

Let’s say your Internet connection is not considered broadband by the American agency FCC and you need to wait a few minutes before a video on YouTube load. What to do? Surf other websites while you wait? Finish that report your boss asked? Up and have a coffee? For what? YouTube engineers implemented (actually, hide) a solution (!) For these times and that does not even require you to change page.
This is the popular game Snake, the one that comes installed on almost all phones Nokia and whose goal is to control earthworm snake on the screen with the mouse, directing it to the food. To enable it, just to play on any YouTube video, pause it right then and hold the left arrow key on the keyboard. Test your trick in this video, which (accidentally, you see) is nothing more than the second trailer of StarCraft 2, the game Blizzard that will be released in just over 48 hours. You should see a screen like the following.

The discovery was the blog Read Write Web, noted that the worm through the screen during the presentation of a video. They warn that the trick only works with the new version of the YouTube player and does not work with videos embedded in pages.