Twitquero: New Brazilian Service to Promote Sweepstakes on Twitter

Two Brazilians are responsible for a new service which lets sweepstakes via Twitter. The Twitquero enters the air with a different proposal from its main competitor, While the latter only provides a way to track links to determine the winner of a contest or promotion, the Twitquero wants to go further.

Creating Adriano Caetano and Luis Quintas, the service took six months to get ready. According to Adriano, that any delay was so that details such as layout, design and operation of even entering the whitelist Twitter were set. With Twitquero, companies and blogs can manage their sweepstakes efficient and complete forms.

When deciding to participate in a draw, the Twitter user needs to authenticate – using OAuth, which is completely safe – in service. From there, the Twitquero own will post the tweets to the one person who will not have to worry about opening the microblog, write anything, including the right link and then track the tweet, and so on.

As it is very common for contests and promotions on Twitter require the user to start following a particular account, the Twitquero itself begins following the account responsible for drawing.

“The system is simple and useful for companies that want to promote their products or increase their visibility on social networks,” said Adriano. Once the draw date is set, the Twitquero use to define the winner of the promotion.

The Twitquero seem to be the most complete sweepstakes service ever developed in Brazil. The coolest thing is that when you create a drawing, business or blog gets a specific page, which monitors the amount of participants. As the sweepstakes are usually to promote something, the Twitquero allows even add links on the promotion page for those internet users who did not take the prize purchase the product at a discount. Oh yes!

Interview: Co-creator of Twitquero

I talked about the launch with Adriano Caetano, one of Twitquero creators, as well as managing partner of Linux Mall and director of Nixus, a firm that provides solutions for virtual stores. Read below.

TB – The Twitquero is free. How will he stand?

Adriano Caetano – The service was not originally designed to generate profit, but to be a tool to help companies e-commerce to advertise their products and gain more followers in a “legal”. It will be integrated via API with virtual stores Nixus (or any other that has an interest) which could create drawings in own Virtual Store platform. It also has the support of, which provides free website hosting. Future can be inserted some plan plus more advanced features for companies that want to go beyond the capabilities offered today.

What are the advantages of Twitquero front of the largest such service in the country,

The is very good, even I’ve used it enough to Sweepstakes Linux Mall. However, as system user, the only option to “ask for retweets” to people is limited to companies and participants.

With Twitquero the company can create a product page or service with banner promoting the product with a link to the page of this product on the company website, and all kinds of interaction that this medium allows. No one needs to RT in messages or keep doing flood. By participating, the system has automatically triggers a message in the participant’s Twitter with a link (this is a condition of the draw), and also passes s follow the Twitter account of that company.

Why the service is limited to companies and blogs?

“Normal” people can participate in sweepstakes, but can not create them. We have a major concern for companies that do drawings in Twitquero honor his promises by sending the prizes to the winners. But we have no responsibility or interference in this process. We want to prevent anyone (not make the slightest idea who), with a newly created account, supposedly sorteie an iPad, for example, just to gain followers through an account and draw fake.

Twitquero was built with that technology and programming languages?

It was all developed in PHP with MySQL database. The server is Linux.