Twitter is Considering Placing Advertising in the Middle of Its Timeline

Making money is needed. After varied invested to bring the interests of advertisers, it appears that Twitter will give his final card. The company is preparing to display paid tweets in the middle of the timeline of users, including messages posted by people they follow. Perhaps this is the great chance of Twitter become a machine to produce dollars.

If you meet a sales representative of Twitter to announce her amazing product, it will offer you privileged spaces in search integrated Twitter, which already costs somewhat. Depending on the amount available for action, it may even be that buying a Trending Topic is it viable. Recently, they have been testing to the sponsored account: the at the company appears on the block “Who To Follow”.

Paid tweets promise to be different from all this. Once a customer buys this feature, the message (even 140 characters) can appear between the normal tweets – between that nonsense that daily appears on your timeline. No ask you if you want to see the paid tweet, much less without you having to follow that specific account.

From the advertising point of view, this is exactly what advertisers want most: infiltrate your messages between the normal flow of updates that a person accompanying the microblog. Other advertising services are all on the sidelines of the timeline, as you can see. With the paid tweets officially established, the picture changes.

During the festival of Cannes, which rewards the best advertising, legend has it that Twitter has been meeting with companies to discuss the new possibility. It seems that the Groupon would be interested in launching specific coupons for paid tweets, inclusive.

And when your timeline will be flooded with advertising? In two months, if the schedule checked by Epicenter is correct.