Unitymedia in the Fixed Network Test 2015: 6th Place

High ranks in the previous year Unitymedia, owned the former cable BW network falls significantly in this year’s Festival network test.

Unitymedia provides broadband cable lines in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg – the three provinces in which the larger, swallowed by Vodafone competitor cable Germany is not active. Since July, 2012 Unitymedia, Kabel BW is also owner of the former competitor. Branding and offers, the two networks already have grown together, and also when merging the networks technical Unitymedia feels so far, wanted to cause the company to this year’s connect network test under a common flag.

Integration still not completed

However, the measurements of zafaco show that the integration of formerly separate cable networks is still not really completed – technically run the networks apparently still largely separated from each other. This may be one of the reasons for the sharp downgrading of the Cologne cable provider in the overall ranking. In the previous year, Unitymedia ranked stayed two and the at the time still separately valued Kabel BW reached third place.

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A not inconsiderable proportion of the poor overall performance in the discipline have language: here after the final light NET Cologne Unitymedia achieved the second worst score. In particular the are problematic-if looked very long maturities of language – especially in connections within its own all-IP network.

Unitymedia also relies on the tested ports the currently best cable router of AVM Fritz box 6490 one, which showed no abnormalities in uploads and downloads, as well as telephone connections under load. The bottlenecks will likely be more in the net. It speaks about also the observation that response times as significantly increase such as the initialization of a HD video call especially in the evening hours. The probable reason: In the evening especially many users watch videos.