USB 3.0 7 Port Powered Hub

-Upon arrival-

At the opening of the pretty packaging, we discover directly the USB 3.0 hub 7 ports + 2 loads on top, that is obvious.There in the pretty box hub, the charger into two parts, the warranty card, a card on the Genesis and reviews program manual. The basic warranty is 12 months, extendable to 18 months by registering on their site. For information, the address provided to join the Genesis Reviewers program does not work. The product is standards FCC, RoHS and be recycled using the appropriate recycling channels.

-The product and its specifications-
This HT-UH010 USB hub has 7 entrances recognizable by their blue color and two charging USB 1 ports USB 3.0 A and 2A. The case is as big as a removable car radio about and holds in his hand. Dimensions: 145mm x 44mm x 23mm. It is made of plastic, covered with a coating soft type “grip”, it looks like small shock resistant, as not floating parts inside.
Power is supplied through a transformer 100-240V ~, 50-60 Hz, 1.5 A input, 12V DC 5000 my output. It is a standard charger and common, it’s not to worry if it deteriorates.

If this USB hub has 7 USB 3.0 ports and 2 charging ports, they each have their specific function. Charging ports are not communicating with the computer connected to the hub, and USB 3.0 ports are unable to provide energy to charge your devices. It would have been great 9 ports can all provide what load in addition to connect the devices to the computer… I guess that HooToo has to make this choice because of technical limitations.

The hub has no buttons or switch but a red light symbol, confirming its good operation and numbers in bright green beside each USB port.

To use, I’m not really excited. Firstly because I have a laptop and that suddenly, this hub, placed nearby, quickly helps the bazaar on the desktop. It’s been really disorganized, so many threads in all the senses. So, I guess it is more suitable for desktop computers. And honestly, 7 additional ports, that’s a lot, I doubt I have to simultaneously connect 7 devices on the hub + 3 on ports of origin, for example.But if you really need a lot of ports, for job creation, for example, it is ideal.
Attention however, the logistics autour, the hub must be fed, so think it will take a power outlet and that a fairly large charger walks around. In addition, the hub, as pretty as is, does not have fasteners. We would have liked notches behind to be able to fix it to a slice of desk or a wall, remote from the central unit but at hand.This was not thought so expect that walking around the hub and trolling everywhere, and get ready to look at regularly under your desk and struggle to plug/unplug devices (USB 3.0 plugs are hard!)
So logistically, it is not famous and I do not find my happiness…

What two charging ports, there is a port of 1’s and one of 2.1 (noted 2A on the casing). It’s good, but it’s too little to effectively recharge my devices. For a good load fast enough to be useful, my iPhone asks A 1.3 and my iPad application 2.4.So the intention of these two ports is good, but in practice, it remains on our hunger.

However, I feel that this hub knows fully exploit the energy it receives from its power transformer because I could run 5 USB ports and the two charging simultaneously without noticing a problem, break in the connection to the computer or charging power. Besides, he didn’t not began to heat up (with little amperage I don’t care) and is protected against overvoltages. I’m not amused to plug a usb male-male on cable because I did not unfortunately 🙂 haha

For what is the compatibility of devices, I first plugged a wired on mouse, it has not been recognized by the computer and did not… A USB Bluetooth dongle, it did not work either… It took I plug hard disks or USB sticks, marched them. My Tablet/Smartphone devices also worked. Unfortunately I plug my USB storage devices that occasionally, the same for my iPad and my phones. So in the end, this hub is not useful for my use, because it is unable to deport the USB devices that I use all the time.

What transfer speed, with only USB 2 devices and not 3, I have not experienced high transfer speed promised by the manufacturer. Theoretically, the max speed is 5 Gb/s, the practical speed of USB 3.0 is 500 MB/s but I couldn’t go up to approximately 20 MB/s with 2.0 devices. However, the speed of trade depends on many factors, devices, the direction of transfer…

As mentioned in the manual, there may be trouble to wake your computer from sleep mode with the trendy hub, they explain how to fix it, also the problems with Apple’s SuperDrive and USB devices in 2.4 GHz as wireless dongles…Apparently, it is finally more for storage devices as I said above, so it is of little use for my taste. Too many ports for more mess than actual usefulness as 3 ports are enough for me to plug in a USB key or hard drive occasionally.

In summary, the good points:
+ good finish, good product
+ the charging ports work well, but a little weak
+ the power coming from the transformer is well-run and stable
+ consistent with European standards, protection against overvoltage and overcurrent
+ meet the expectations you may have by buying a USB hub, especially in 3.0, it will always operate the maximum speeds of different devices
+ no problem with connections/disconnects to sudden

The less good points:
-a lot of incompatible products (“mini iMac, Mac Mini and MacBook Pro with Retina Display. iMac with 27 “Retina is not currently recommended for use with this product because of the unstable performance. “,”Do not support devices 2.4 GHz Wireless, such as the mouse or wireless keyboard. “, ‘ Some USB 3.0 devices require a direct connection to ports 3.0 / 2.0 host, including some USB 3.0 hard drives.” »
-weak people charging ports
-flow of 5 Gb/s theoretical only
-quickly bulky by plugging multiple devices, suitable for desktop computers / highly mobile family rather than a laptop