USB-C Hub for MacBook

I just found the ultimate gadget for MacBook: it is the Kadi Port , USB-C hub for MacBook (MacBook and only) that includes USB charging port-C, a USB port, a USB port and C An HDMI port!

Once again, I found reading Our site, which is always very aware of the essential accessories for your Apple products. It is a product of a Kickstarter campaign that aims to fill the biggest defect of our MacBook retina (2015 and 2016): the low number of USB ports. Indeed on the MacBook a single port is available (it reminds me something) to load & connect your devices. Kadi Creative has found the miracle recipe with this port, sold a little over 40 €. Let’s discover the whole.

The Kadi Port is a small plastic case, black, matte, and very light. It features a USB-C male connector that will plug directly into the MacBook’s port. It marries perfectly the shape of this one, thanks to its rounded shape which falls in the right place on the MacBook.

At the ports available, we have a USB-C charging port (, another USB-C port in USB3 format, another USB port in the classic format Also USB 3.0 and finally an HDMI port capable of handling a resolution 4K without any difficulty.

When the MacBook is placed on a table, the Kadi Port is perfectly aligned and will not cause any problems. Be careful though, it is so small that you may be inclined to forget it and you will have to be careful not to hang it and twist the USB-C port.

At the level of the connections, nothing to say, the ports are perfectly positioned. The charging port on top and useful ports on the side. It is really interesting to have this USB-C charging port so that you can use the Apple charger that comes with the MacBook and use devices (or an external display) at the same time.

At the level of the waist this Kadi Port is the smallest I could see. Look at it a bit in front of the USB-C hub Aukey: it is finer, small small & it is the only one to propose the USB-C to be used as a device.

The packaging is not exceptional, it exposes well what can be expected from this small hub.

In short, the Kadi Port is the best USB-C hub for MacBook now . If you want to connect an external display to your MacBook, it will be essential. On the other hand, its round shape makes it to be reserved for MacBook 2015 and 2016, and only those … For a little more than 40 € ($ 60 Australian) this is largely reasonable!

Kadi Tile

Kadi does not have that “Port” in his catalog. They also sent me the Tile, a small accessory to manage your cables on the desk. This is a small metal pad, machined and heavy: its goal is to strongly hold your cables (let slide) on your desktop and available in 2 colors, for less than 30 € .

Very clever, and extremely well finished, it is composed of 2 parts. They are strongly held in place with 4 magnets (which are so strong that I have some difficulty sometimes opening it) and a small self adhesive pad is located underneath. This pad is “micro-suction” (it is not a classic sticker) and re-usable to infinity if it is washed with soapy water. It obviously leaves no residue.

This Kadi Tile is very smart I think, because of its magnetic system and sticker pad. This makes it a great little Christmas gift, think about it!