USB-C Hub Review

The hub, a perfectible product

Hubs (products for linking multiple devices between them) are known to be real technological disasters. They overheat, lack of specific ports, but essential, the ports they are low power. Among those that specialists have tested, most SD card readers do not always work. The Apple multiport adapter is so far the best option, but only by default. It works fine, but with just three ports, SD card reader, no port MiniDisplay, and no ports USB – C. He is not exactly worked for concretely meet the expectations of the world of devices and seems overpriced for what it offers. But! Soon we can finally have a decent option available on the market of USB devices – C and which could meet the needs of everyone.

The Hub Arc, the lucky one?

The Hub Arc, built by rich design, has the potential to be the hub that we expected. It has seven ports in total: two ports USB – C with load of passage, two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, a MiniDisplay port, and a SD card reader packed in a round with bevelled edges aluminum case and a convex glass coating. Transfer speeds from an external hard drive via USB 3.0 beyond the 115Mbps.

Posh Design has checked the market demand to make a decent USB – C hub: have all the necessary ports, and make it look good. It is the third aircraft of the company on the market of devices, but according to Brian Fernandez, co-founder of posh Design Hub Arc will be different.

Terminating a system and effective

The company has worked to make the Hub resilient Arc to quality problems that made some other USB Hubs-C unnecessary. Society has imported parts and high quality chipsets-which explain so the price-and did numerous sessions of trials (12 hours), combining SD card, transfer files from hard drive, external monitors, and charge multiple devices to verify that the ports are not lacking in charge. According to Fernandez, no problem has yet been met. According to Fernandez, the team is currently working on the integration of the support to display 4K (4 times higher than the full HD resolution). Posh design was disclosed in a press release that the CRA Hub will be available in January, but if you are interested, you can pre-order it today for $105 (about € 94).