USB-C Macbook Hub

A huge failure of the Macbook is its lack of USB ports. This accessory for the laptop of Apple Exchange gives on this problematic point.

This hub USB-C brand Sateshi changes a lot compared to the Macbook. Thing that may seem shocking to some, the computer has only a single port USB-C for this type of connectivity. Impossible so plug a simple classic USB key, or even Apple iPod for example load cables. This small extension of its role very well filled unit.

Visually it is very sober and sleek, and takes over the design line and the color of the default Macbook. It looks like more has an extension, and not a mismatched gadget plugged on the side. Besides, it’s pretty amazing that Apple is not thought out an official similar product to go hand in hand with his laptop.

The capabilities of this small hub

Level connectivity, the hub has 3 USB 3.0 ports according to Computerdo, and a port for SD card or micro-SD. So you can transfer your data without problem, since a key, a phone or a camera for example. Only downside, the hub Sateshi USB-C isn’t passthrough, and you cannot you use and charge your battery at the same time. In any case, it’s a little handy tool that will seduce Macbook users, and is available for $40 on the internet.

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