Nokia 7390, Nokia’s first design-mobile that is also filled with technical features. 3 g, 3-megapixel camera, radio and music player are some of blandishments-same features as the best-selling Sony Ericsson K800. By Linus Brohult

Nokia’s design phones in the series L’amour has etched squiggly pattern in the metal. This also applies to the 7390. But this phone attracts not only with shell but also with the features.

The features that are offered are very similar to Sony Ericsson’s success phone K800:3-megapixel camera with autofocus, a variety of music features and 3 g.

But we can start talking a little bit about the shells. 7390 will be sold in two versions: a black with dark brown details, and a light pink with dark pink details. Folded is a small color screen on top of the phone and camera with Flash on the back. Next to the camera and the Flash is also a plate of imitation leather, which is somewhat typical for this phone. Both menus, sounds, and shell is characterized by ornamentation.

Sometimes it feels a little too fancy, too strong perfume. It is certainly also the who’s intention from the phone’s designer.

When the phone is folded up and folded together links it to. On the inside of the phone is a screen with 240 x 320 pixels. It gives good sharpness and brightness.

In fact, I watched several episodes of the Swedish television’s advent calendar on your Nokia 7390 during the test period. It worked great using the included earbuds. Video playback could be maximized to full screen mode.

The buttons are appropriately sized and gives good touch feeling, it applies to both control buttons, and the numeric buttons.

External screen

One good thing is that the media functions can be controlled with your phone, folded with the buttons on the outside and the outer screen.

This applies especially to the camera. Press the camera button on the side, start the camera and a small external screen can be used as a viewfinder. With the three buttons sitting next to you can switch between the still picture mode and video mode, and turn off or on bixten. With the phone’s volume buttons it is possible to zoom. This works pretty good. Once you have taken the picture in this way it is possible, however, to directly send the image. If I fold up your phone to use the image so there is no such possibility, but I must first seek out the image in the gallery again. It is a little strange.

The outer screen is pretty small, but if not the sunlight is at work the still good for Imaging. Otherwise you get to flip up your phone and take pictures with the help of the big screen.

Worse is that the camera function is very slow, both to start up and to take pictures. It often takes more than 5 seconds from when I press the camera button until the picture is taken, and it is far too slow actually. Another problem is that the finger often end up in front of the camera lens to take a picture, especially when the phone is folded up. The camera is located on the back right where it is natural that the index finger is when the phone is open.

A lot of color

The images taken with 7390 is good, although the color saturation is a bit too high to be realistic. This is the first Nokia Series40 phone with 3-megapixel camera, auto focus, and it’s about time.

After the tags plåtande with 7390, I must conclude that the images are worse than, for example Nokia N73 and Sony Ericsson K800. This applies in particular to pictures in bad light that this tellefonen has noticeably difficult to manage. The Flash works well if the item is a few meters away, but otherwise the picture either underexposed or overexposed.

Even without Flash problems feels those blur effects and other defects in the images disturbs the impression of the camera in 7390-at least in comparison with the main camera phones on the market. Sure, the camera in 7390 has Carl Zeiss Optics, but the size of the image sensor is perhaps too small to give a picture quality that can compete with the best camera phones on the market.

7390 has yet approved camera, and thanks to auto focus and pixel volume images in good light conditions often really good (if the subject has the patience to wait a few seconds to say).

Tv in full screen

As I wrote before, I saw some on tv with Nokia 7390, tv downloaded via 3 g, especially Christmas calendar because I tested 7390 during december. It bothers when you download streaming tv via the 3 g network in Nokia 7390 is when the bandwidth of the network, in some cases, is not enough. Instead of the picture stops a few seconds while the video player buffers so will an error message up and you have to choose “play” manually to start playback again. A complete miss.

Otherwise it works video and music in particular good on this phone. The music can be downloaded to memory cards in several ways. Memory card (MicroSD) can be put in a memory card reader, but easier is actually just to connect to the computer via the included usb cable. The Nokia PC Suite is not included in the box, but can be downloaded from the Nokia website at no charge, and it is well worth the effort. Among other things the right of transfer of music (Nokia Music Manager is included in the Nokia PC Suite). If you want to avoid having to install applications, you can connect the phone as a usb memory stick and drag over the music files via your computer’s normal file manager. It is a good thing.

The memory card that comes with is only a 128 MB but for under 500 dollars, you can buy 1 GB, and it’s needed if you want to use your phone as a mp3 player.

The music is organised clutter of artists, albums and playlists. Once you have started the music and your phone music player folds are controlled from the external screen and buttons.

The external screen can also be used to control the phone’s built-in radio, that scanned and stored radio stations. Radio reception requires Flex headset sits in as an antenna.


In addition to multimedia displays in the outer screen who’s calling and for messages. But it is a bit illogical to you at such a great screen not also can read incoming messages without having to fold up your phone. At least we should be able to see who sent the received message without having to fold up your phone.

On the whole it feels like Nokia 7390 just nearly hit the bull’s-eye. Take this with the 3 g which is built. Video telephony works decently (although the video camera at the screen is pretty bad), but otherwise has not fully Nokia invested in 3 g in this phone. For example, it does not work to open regular Web pages, only the internet pages that are particularly mobile. When I try to open an ordinary Web page I just get told “memory full” appears on the screen. Moreover, the choppy mobile browser something even when the mobile-friendly pages to open. The browser refuses to simply view a page until it has been completely loaded into memory. This is for example Nokia N73 much better.

However, e-mail has now moved Nokia succeeds better with even in its simple menu system Series40 (sitting in the Nokia 7390). E-record is like a separate program under the message menu, and the program is both quite easily set and effective.

I let enough skeptical when I describe the annoyance that this phone has (bad ineternet browser and tough camera for example). But 7390 is actually a good phone that charms me. Tinkling and decorative details frighten me not away, not when the phone still is so packed with features that largely works well. Then give it more an added charm, moreover, 7390 quite smooth and pocket-friendly mobile phone, if you compare it with Nokia’s more lavish Nseries phones are bulkier in size.

Before you buy

7390 is a design phone, a lot of it is foldable and ornately decorated. Compared to the best competitors, however, is the camera a bit tougher and inferior browser.


Nokia N73 is a Nokia phone which also features 3 g and 3-megapixel camera. It’s not folding and no design mobile, but works better on many points. Sony Ericsson K800 is also a good option.

Score of 78%

Telephony & data 8

Multimedia 8

Systems and applications 7

Ease of use 8

Performance and memory 8

Top score



FM radio

The music player

Camera with autofocus


Tough camera

Half decent Web browser

Nokia 7390

Type: 3 g and tri-band gsm and edge

Weight: 115 grams

Dimensions: 90 x 47 x 19 mm

Talk time: up to 2 hrs 30 min

Standby time: up to 220 hours

Memory: 21 MB internal memory + 128 mb MicroSD card

WAP: 2.0

Internet and data features: email, edge, 3 g

Connection to pc/mac: Yes, via bluetooth and usb

Voice control: Yes, voice command and voice dialing

Ringtones: Polyphonic ringtones and aac, eaac + and mp3

Phone book: name, phone number, email addresses, image, website, mailing address, company, title, notes and more can be specified for each contact.

Screen: TFT display with 320 x 240 262144 colors and pixels

Games: 3 games included. Also possible to upload Java games and applications.

Camera: Yes, 3 megapixel with autofocus and Flash

Other features: Media Player, fm radio, voice recording, email, calendar, browser, calculator, alarm, unit converter, world clock, chat (wireless village).

Accessories: Charger and stereo headset included, as well as 128 MB memory card (MicroSD) and usb cable for connection to PC.

Socket for external antenna: no

The hard facts: performance

SP-Soil-test: 2568 points total, images (PNG) 106 points, 3D game 9.9 fps, jwc 2394 p.

Comment: clearly approved compared in this class, and better than, for example, Sony Ericsson K800. Still feels a bit dull sometimes 7390.

Thumb up

The hard facts: the battery’s talk time


We got: 3 hours, 9 minutes

Comment: a little better than Nokia promises, but still a bit worse than what should be expected of a top model.