Veggie Faux Bag for iPad from Tuff-Luv

This Tuff-Luv “Veggie” faux leather bag ensures a perfect fit for your iPad. Do you want to answer a call or to switch the song you hear? Then just pull the tab on the inside and take your device out of your bag in a fast and simple way. When you put the iPad in your bag, strap in place single and fall automatically and is ready for the next move.

Wear your iPad with full comfort, with a slender Tuff-Luvs “Veggie” iPad bag, that will turn heads. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, this faux lærdertaske a perfect choice for you. Simple and robust, purely functional, it is an iPad accessory which is necessary and practice at a time! So be proud to have fitted this “Veggie” leather bag from Tuff-Luv, for your next rendezvous. You conjure up some imponert over the quality of the leather – no one can see that it is not genuine leather!

Further is Tuff-Luv products have been tested and certified to meet all new EU standards in accordance with Regulation (EC 1907/2006)-REACH (REACH is a new European regulation on chemicals that do not harm the environment or health). Visit our website for more details!

* This case is elegant and handmade
* Remove iPad quickly and easily with the unique tongue
* Tongue is a flap secured to keep your iPad safe when you are not using it!
* Smooth inner non-rids end lining for protection of the device against