Verbatim OTG Mini USB Drive

If you had the chance to get a Raspberry-Pi Zero (see the range at MCHobby) you know that the biggest frustration comes from the connector USB OTG.

Have a micro-USB port to connect devices such as a usb hub or usb hub + Ethernet
These devices have a USB A socket and you have a micro-USB available (Arghhh!).
Well, there’s the standard converter available in the kit of the Foundation… but this makes the cable…

Tiny OTG-A micro USB to USB adapter
A Tiny OTG is an ingenious system that allows to switch from a USB A to micro USB by inserting the adapter into the USB A Jack.

This micro-B to USB on-the-go USB adapter is super fine, super small and super smart. With only~15.5mm long,~11.3mm wide and~2mm high, it is certainly the smallest adapter never seen.

But don’t get me wrong-if it is small, it is also one of the the easiest way to transform a device or a USB-A cable to a micro-USB connector. Ideal for use with an OTG device such as a phone, Tablet, mini computer, Arduino Zero, Raspberry Pi Zero, etc. Push it simply in a USB – A connector and tadaaaaa… micro-USB!

With this adapter, it will be possible, for example, to connect a miniature WiFi key or any USB A device directly on the port micro USB of the Pi Zero.

Where to buy

  • The Tiny OTG connector is available on stock at MCHobby