Video: iPhone 6s Gives Samsung Galaxy S7 Bank in the Drop Test

Is the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone S7 6s released best from being lost from 1 metre height? It has a YouTube user examined.

Samsung and Apple have two quite different approaches to the choice of materials on the top models Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s. While Samsung again this year using Gorilla Glass at the back of the phone, Apple is gone the opposite way and using reinforced aluminum compared to its predecessor.

It seems to have paid off for Apple, for in a new so-called drip test provides the latest iPhone 6s solid slaps to Samsung’s new Galaxy S7. It is the YouTube user Phone Buff, who has created a drop test-but not quite like the others.

There are already a ton of drop tests on YouTube, which has proven to be a pretty good money maker, but they suffer all that they are difficult to use to compare two telecommunications resilience. Many factors play into how much damage for a phone takes at each fall, and therefore often very inconsistent results in these tests.

That is why the PhoneBuff-team acquired a professional machine that can lose any phone something close to 100% consistently, since the two clamps keep the phones fixed and triggered at the same time, after which they land in the same way time after time.
In the video are tested first iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7 with a fall directly on the back, where the otherwise tough Gorilla Glass at Galaxy S7 split to atoms with the same. Here are the aluminum back on iPhone 6s only light scratches.

Next, we head to a decrease on the bottom where it on both phones is aluminum, which takes the blow.Here is the small, light scratches close to identical on the two top models. The same, small scratches and marks are seen, after they both are fully functional after landing on the one page.

Eventually lands iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7 with the front facing down, and the latter must give up here. In addition to the front glass it splits completely, the display panel below also broken, so the phone is as good as useless.

The same can not be said about the iPhone on the other hand, 6s. Good enough glass split also on this, but in a significantly less degree, and the phone is still fully betjenelig. Therefore continues the test only with iPhone 6s, where the only at the fifth fall from 1 metre height goes to pieces in the same way as Galaxy S7 edge.

The conclusion is therefore clear. iPhone 6s is Galaxy S7 superior when it comes to durability – at least if it is measured by losing his phone. With Galaxy S7 you can be quite sure to get either a split front or backside, while there must be something to, before the same thing happens with the latest iPhone 6s.

However, there is a newer smartphone that provides iPhone 6s rear wheel. It is HTC 10, which turns out to be something of a hardy cousin. Just like iPhone 6s copes with the through the first three case, and only after all 32 attempts they managed the subjects to destroy your phone.