Vimcar Spots – Electronic Log Book in the Test

The Berlin start-up Vimcar has met with spots an electronic logbook, conveniently operated via app and the high requirements of the tax authorities. We have tested Vimcar.

Self-employed and freelancers who professionally use her car to at least 50 percent, may claim tax the business percentage of vehicle costs. It is usually preferred to carry a logbook. But often deters high manual effort associated.

That’s why flourish ride book apps, of which the most however does not satisfy high the financial offices to tamper. The Berlin start-up Vimcar offers a solution, developed in cooperation with the German Association of tax advisors with spots.

Connection of the ODB connector

The system is based on a boarding device that is plugged into the OBD (on board diagnosis) of the vehicle connector. This connector is available in almost all cars from model year 2004 – Vimcar under our site helps you find the installation location. Once on-board device and app a user account have been connected, starts the recording of journeys.

Clever plug: the small Vimcar-on-Board Unit has access to information of the vehicle data bus via the OBD socket.

To, the OBD device GPS detects the vehicle’s position, what worked well in our practice test in the footwell. Thanks to access to the vehicle data bus, the device also accurately captured the kilometres travelled between start and finish.

It transmits this information via a cellular modem to the Vimcar server, which works also in other European countries.

In the app available for Android and iOS, the driver noted then, whether it was a private or a business trip. For the latter, also visited contact and trip occasion must be entered. The journey log for the IRS can then obtain a signed PDF file.


Spots is in the subscription for 237 Euro / year or mobile phone costs are available for unique 833 euro, inclusive. The price quickly paid off by the tax savings.