Vintage Smartphone

The series Notes from Samsung is much appreciated by the most demanding users and contributed to the growth of the market of “phablet”, inevitably affecting the other manufacturers and a tendency to offer devices with bigger screens.

LG G Stylus

However, many high-end alternatives with Stylus and real notes feature, so that Samsung today has a monopoly in this market segment. LG Vu models and the LG G stylus she tried, these terminals have never been actual competitors because it does not belong to the same price range of Samsung notes series.

According to Korean media, Huawei is reportedly considering the idea of building a new flagship phone with support for external and even using the same pen Wacom technology used by Korean manufacturer. However, since Wacom develops the S Pen in collaboration with Samsung as cheap vintage items, there could be some exclusive rights that would make impossible the use of Wacom Panel on other products.

Huawei but would find an alternative partner for the realisation of a touch-sensitive screen and able to interact with an external pen that could potentially ensure the arrival of a competitor of the range notes. The hope is that a phablet like this can really finally arrive bringing some competition in an industry currently devoid of new choices.