Vodafone Adds 500 Free MB to Your Unlimited Rate Red M

Vodafone begins to heat engines for Christmas campaign after kick off, which this week gave MÁSMOVIL and begins responding to one of the latest enhancements of Orange, which as it could not be otherwise, is bound to increase the data capacity to sail at full speed.

It is the rate with unlimited minutes M network that happens to include 2.5 GB to speed up to 300 Mbps with 4 G + instead of the 2 GB that had so far and keeping the price at 32 euros. Increase therefore will be free and will take place automatically both existing customers and new ones from the November 1 Although since yesterday some clients are already being applied this improvement.

At the moment, the rest of Vodafone rates remain as they are and the improvement is limited to equal to the rate Orange Dolphin to mark some distances with the new rates lives MoviStar which you tread on the heels. All very quiet for the avalanche of novelties that often us have used by these dates. they will be waiting for that Yoigo announces the anticipated coup effect you need to lift head and offer a response to the height? We expect a whole month to find out what the operators we have prepared for this Christmas, esto hasn’t done anything more to start…