Vodafone Announces Commercial Launch of VoLTE and LTE – to from This Month

The 4G continues to advance unstoppable in Spain. Since Telstra diese kick off with the announcement of the start of their deployment all operators with own network have been released to the battle for having the best and most extensive 4 G network, and that still has not released the 800 MHz band.

But more than one year later and with four networks with coverage that reach large populations and surroundings is the time for which the operators of a step further. This means leaving behind test pilots of VoLTE and LTE-A to launch these new technologies, which will make Vodafone from this month.

During his presentation at the 28 meeting of telecommunications of Santander the CEO of Vodafone Spain, Antonio Coimbra, has given a rather expected announcement, the arrival of the VoLTE and LTE-advance commercial phase. The first release will occur during this month, while the next generation of 4G will arrive in three cities in October.

VoLTE: voice quality and faster establishment

Perhaps never have given him a great importance to the quality of the voice in traditional calls, although when we call through any application. But the VoLTE, which has been years in the oven will improve the quality of the sound that we receive and ship at the time of call, thanks to the use of the 4 G so.

For who the voice quality is not so interesting also, there is another important advantage to make calls using VoLTE, the call set-up. I will not be the only one who has complained to an urgent call from what it currently takes to establish the call, while reducing more than using VoLTE.

LTE-Advanced to Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia

Something that also had a long testing Vodafone was advanced 4G or LTE-Advanced. Their trials began at the end of 2013, with speeds of descent who came to touching the 300 Mbps, speeds within the period of one month will experience the users of the operator in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Real test of LTE with Vodafone, 234 Mbps down to lack of all frequencies

Very interesting advances and that they will be gradually spreading throughout the Spanish geography, hope both Vodafone and other operators. Despite this, those who want to enjoy the benefits of the VoTLE or the LTE-A will have that have a compatible terminal, very scarce and expensive at the moment. To facilitate access to these Vodafone will soon incorporate the S5 Galaxy Samsung LTE-A version.