Vodafone Cloud in the Test

The mobile phone provider offers only its customers free online storage. The multimedia cloud on elegant way photos trying to arrange videos and music. Parts but is not their strength.

Broken, Smartphone data away? No. With its Web-based backup approach Vodafone customers with mobile runtime contract or Callya prepaid rates save annoying loss of data. Clever: Each integrated mobile device receives its own directory, run in which his uploads. The intelligent storage service automatically divides the total dataset in the categories pictures, videos, music and documents. The absence of a full file management can be acceptable, especially since there are also playlists for music playback in addition to photo albums. With keywords, called tags, annotated files, the search function can filter out.

The apps for Android, iOS and Windows phone convinced most Android implementation. During Setup, you can disable the backup via mobile phone and set what categories should be synchronized. Manual up – and downloads are also possible. And the backup runs automatically even in contrast to the less flexible iPhone app. Both apps always inform synch status and the number of new elements. With the touch of a finger, it ideally brings the data cloud – via Wi-FI – up to date.

The functionality is straightforward: share files are in part just in the emails embedded, what may be acceptable in photos, but didn’t work for file formats such as PDF. The mobile service provider assures the SSL-protected data transfer and the encrypted storage on the Web.