Vodafone in the Fixed Network Test 2015: 4th Place

Vodafone lands as in the previous year in the midfield. Quite a good voice quality is a less convincing data performance.

Vodafone is practically unchanged in the overall ranking, the Düsseldorf network operator not improved but the closer look at the test results, but shows more slightly declining results. The reason could lie in the still ongoing massive Netzum and outfitting. Total Vodafone has around two billion euros in the expansion of its mobile and fixed-line network set already in the previous year, an amount in the same height will once again invest in the current year.

Fixed line customers will benefit from the expansion of

However, fixed line customers of Vodafone seem anything having to be patient until these investments are reflected in significantly improved network performance. It is altogether remarkable that the error rate identified by zafaco is quite low, and even below the of slightly better placed competitor of O2/Telefonica. However problems showed in the test connections from the Vodafone Mobile network in the own all-IP fixed network especially when the language runtimes.

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There are losses in the data services to ascertain. It is for example that shoots up the construction time of connections within the own all IP network in the height parallel data load. Possibly also the router EasyShare box set up by Vodafone 904 is not entirely innocent.

Also determined zafaco poor DNS resolution times by popular search engines like Google. When looking at file upload and download services, she has apparently not much changed made change of the connections on the modern annex J technique of truncation of the Düsseldorfer shortly before this year’s network test. Vodafone, however, scored well in the discipline of Web TV – here see small “re-buffering” times and an overall consistent picture quality.