Vodafone Promises a Sound of Better Quality with The Advent of HD Voice Calls

Although we already knew that Vodafone was doing tests with VoLTE, today just announced the arrival of the HD voice, a system by which telephone calls between customers of the company will be heard more clearly and with higher quality than previously. It is a free upgrade and that all contract customers can use.

But we note the change? From Engadget Mobile we have been able to prove a call with voice HD and the truth is that the differences are more than notable. Today, HD voice is deployed at 100% in 3G and HSPA + company networks. For prepaid users, that Yes, we should expect to February 2015, when it is also expected to be compatible with other products of the operator (like Multi-Sim and Vodafone Office). Which requirements you must meet in order to use HD voice? We have them for you:

What you need for HD voice?

HD voice to work properly they have to meet one number of requirements:
* You have to have 3 G or HSPA + coverage.
* You need to use a compatible phone.
* Only works between mobile customers who have it enabled.

With respect to telephones, Vodafone ensures that more than 130 terminals and mention several examples: the new iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5, Nokia Lumia 635, BlackBerry Z10, etc. In addition, to ensure that it will be spreading progressively to other terminals of the operator free of charge for customers (will be, logically, by means of a software update).

And if you want to talk with someone from another company? If it is a OMV with Vodafone network, It will also work. As soon as the rest of the operators to implement it will be interoperable, but for now, to the be only available on Vodafone, only works with customers from this same company.

How HD voice

Never has it been you, hear the voice of someone you know by phone, notes enough differences from the voice on the face to face? This makes physical sense. When we speak of traditional telephony systems, using frequencies ranging from the 300 Hz to 3.4 kHz. The human voice, on the other hand, moves in a range that goes from 80 Hz and arrives until the 14 kHz. Now try to superimpose both frequency bands… Little in common, right?

With the HD voice expands the spectrum of frequencies, so that the frequency range goes from 100 Hz to 7 kHz. As a result we find that this system is capable of transmitting the human voice more accurately: you hear a more natural voice and to allow higher frequencies (and their corresponding harmonics), are much better understood. In addition, better filters background noise.

And you notice the difference? Then we leave you a video that starts with a normal call, all life, and then shows us how it would sound HD voice:


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