Vodafone Smart Prime 6 in the Test

Vodafone smartphones offer good services at a low price? However. The new smart Prime 6 connect test is the best proof.

Vodafone brings in Nice regularity of smartphones and even tablets under its own flag on the market. And the phones of carrier quite convincing as the smart 4 Max. Now the next candidate in the wings is the smart Prime 6 that there is with Vodafone for 149 euros. We looked at once more this cheap Smartphone.

Mau optics, display wow

Such small price, the manufacturer must have saved somewhere, and the smart Prime 6 happened that obviously the housing, because the silver-gray plastic cover makes touch not much here. Overall, the Vodafone unit is but neat and processed without any failures. The battery under the removable back cover is however firmly built, here you will find only the slots for the SIM card and a micro SD.

The budget cuts, however, is the display should not be noted. The 5-inch IPS LCD offers a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and a brightness of strong 487 cd/m2. Contents look brilliant and thus provide real good mood.

As a centerpiece, Vodafone relies on the Qualcomm platform MSM8916. It offers four cores with a clocking of each up to 1.2 GHz. These are complemented by a memory of 1 gigabyte and good 4 GB of free space for the user. This combination is quite okay given the cheap price, tearing out benchmark tests but of course no trees. The performance is sufficient but easily for all important everyday functions. When it comes to connectivity, there is also exposing much, because with LTE, HSPA +, Bluetooth and NFC that has prime smart 6 all relevant standards on board.

For entertainment, there is an FM radio or even the 8-megapixel camera with full HD video. The snapping comes with auto focus and photo light and dominated modern modes such as HDR and panorama. The image quality is good lighting conditions in order.

Intuitive operation and excellent readings

The user interface of Android-5 model is an own paint with special icons and special Vodafone apps. There’s all kinds of features to discover, about mobile TV, so television on the go. The operation of the Vodafone device manages the Bank intuitive and easy.

A top result was this smart Prime 6 then in the laboratory down. The excellent transmission and reception quality in all three ranges wowed first and foremost. No matter, whether GSM, UMTS or LTE, the Vodafone was here consistently top. A similarly pleasing picture emerged in terms of endurance: this remains the Smartphone in the practical operation of mixing strong 8:23 hours on the air and offers talk times of nearly 21 hours in GSM use. There are more than eight hours with UMTS.


Who is looking for a discounted Smartphone with Vodafone-so contract, which is with the new smart Prime 6 a really good deal.