Vodafone Tab Prime 6 in the Test

The large, but handy Tablet Vodafone tab Prime 6 in 16:10-format weakens in terms of display and endurance. Read our review here.

The Vodafone tab Prime 6 with silky soft, non-slip back in dark silver and black makes a good impression at first. Curiously, just unfortunately not optimal, the 5-megapixel camera peeks back out of the 8 mm flat housing out.

The name of the tab Prime 6, the Vodafone from the Chinese manufacturer TCL refers to, but is misleading: digits at tablets – differently than in smartphones, where it “New” put the stamp on classics such as the iPhone – size often. Not only then make sense, if the piece is available in several sizes, identical but also for price comparison and online search. The Prime 6 tab but is not a dwarf in 6 inches as the number suggests, but measures imposing 9.4 inches, weighs only 405 grams.

Tana screen

While the shape is narrower than on the Samsung Galaxy tab on page 120 tested A 9.7-inch display. But also for the 16:10 screen tab Prime 6 image points are little, the resulting 161 dpi 1200 x 800 on this scale weak. With a brightness of 375 candela, many tablets would recommend outright for bringing into the open – the test device but irritated in the Sun with a milky screen. As a trigger, you can make many inclusions in the display layout by microscope.

Air bubbles in the adhesive layers between display and sensor foil or contamination in the display in question come as the cause. The inclusions are not visible with the naked eye, but they reflect incoming light, which results in the diffuse layer with increasing ambient light, which significantly affects the image quality. Remains open if only the test device, a small number or the whole series is affected, as to find out, a device from each batch should be studied.

No premium

On an automatic brightness adjustment during the transition from indoors to out there does not have Vodafone as well as otherwise the tab Prime 6, which has a promising name, little Premium provides. Good mediocrity is the CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, while hardly spectacular is 1 gigabyte memory and the device accepts only micro SDs with a maximum 32 GB. With stereo speakers and HDMI are missing more features that could justify the Prime name. And six hours staying power are no longer appropriate for a mobile device.

With and without collective bargaining coverage

To watch TV via Vodafone Mobile TV + is thus a short pleasure. The pre-installed app provides Vodafone customers in cooperation with sky for three months free access (for 12.95 EUR per month) to more than 25 channels and live broadcasts from the 1st and 2nd football Football – but only on conclusion of the contract or extension in a Vodafone-red tariffs.

You can’t phone calls about the SIM card into the Tablet however. Better combine the Prime 6 with one of the tariff data tab go S, M or L. The new Vodafone device fails in this case with unique 9.90 euros, during the 24 month contract term, monthly each 5 euro are due in addition to the tariff.

Vodafone sold the SIM-lock-free Tablet for 229 euro without contract and recommends in this case its Web-session-prepaid-cards. Here from 5 to 35 Euro costs depending on the volume, the validity is to enable each to 30 days.