Vodafone Test Join ADSL and 4G in a Router to Provide Up to 200 Megs of Descent

Don’t you have enough speed that offers ADSL? Quiet, Vodafone is working to improve it. Operator which has already proved to incorporate a modem 3G in all their routers now is trying something similar with the 4G but not only to replace the fixed connection in the event of a fall, if you fail to Add the speeds of both networks.

With router Huawei AR169 or AR1220W the operator would be testing the solution called DSL / 4G bonding, with which a router connected simultaneously to the fixed network and mobile can offer speeds of up to 200 megabytes of descent. Now that Yes, just is a test pilot aimed at enterprise customers.

The speed of a landline sometimes is all the undesirable or may even have specific service courts, before which the mobile network may be a solution. And then has thought it to Vodafone, which is testing DSL in collaboration with Huawei / 4G bonding, a technique that lets you add the fixed line and mobile network, the 4G speed in particular.

Thanks to her, the router that are testing would provide up to 200 Mbps of download speed and upload speed 60 Mbps. But in addition to offering higher speed this technique also allow that in the event of a fall from one of the two networks the connection could follow on foot thanks to the other network.

Vodafone says that this new technique is still in testing and is aimed at the business sector, but we should not rule out one day to reach the residential market, to alleviating the low coverage of some areas in which to fixed network It concerns via the mobile network, most now approaching the deployment of 4 G in the 800 MHz band.